SureTrack Expert Subscriptions… Who are These Experts Anyway?

SureTrack Expert Subscriptions… Who are These Experts Anyway?

The Merriam – Webster Dictionary says an expert is, “having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience”.

If you have ever used the Ask the Experts feature on SureTrack, you may have wondered, “Just who are these experts answering my question anyway?”  The experts are professional automotive technicians and SureTrack community members who have set up their Expert Subscriptions to specify their professional skills, knowledge and experience.

What further validates these community members as “experts” are the ratings they receive by other technicians, indicating whether their answers have been awarded the “best answer” or “good answer” status. Experts on SureTrack are awarded Leaderboard points for answering questions, and those who gather the most points are displayed on the SureTrack Leaderboard.

The SureTrack Expert Subscriptions feature allows you to set up your personal subscriptions so you can share your knowledge with other SureTrack community members. You’ll receive an alert when there’s a question related to an area of your expertise (as designated in your profile when you set up your own Expert Subscriptions). You can show the SureTrack community just what you know and build up Leaderboard points, all the while helping fellow technicians who may be in a bind with a complicated vehicle issue.

Expert Subscription Page on SureTrack

You may be thinking, “I have experience and knowledge, so how do I become a SureTrack expert?” You can begin setting up your own Expert Subscriptions. Click My Profile on the ribbon bar on the left side of the SureTrack page, next select the Expert Subscriptions tab, this opens a menu for identifying your areas of expertise. Your Expert Subscriptions can be limited to specific makes, models, years, engines, and/or systems. Once you have completed setting up your Expert Subscriptions, you will receive an email whenever a community member posts a question related to your area of expertise. Click the link in the email to be taken directly to the question. This lets you quickly respond to questions and build Leaderboard points.

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