Want to Help Out a Fellow Technician?

SureTrack Community Tips –
Want to Help Out a Fellow Technician?

If you have ever helped a friend or fellow technician fix a vehicle they were really struggling with, you know how good it feels to help put them on the right track. We all know what it feels like to be saved from that stress and frustration as the minutes continue to tick down and there is no answer in sight.

SureTrack, an experience-based repair information resource, was designed with an interactive community to connect technicians so they can help each other out of tough repair situations.

As a SureTrack community member, you can help save countless technicians this stress and frustration by sharing your expertise and knowledge in the form of a Tip. A SureTrack Community Tip is a short yet complete description of the repair for a particular vehicle problem. These Community Tips bring the intelligence and experience of a community of automotive experts to technicians who are struggling with a vehicle in their bay and are searching for answers.

To Enter a Tip on SureTrack:

  1. Sign on to the SureTrack page
  2. Select Contribute from the Navigation Bar.
  3. Click Select Vehicle from the Header Bar and enter all of the identifying attributes of the vehicle you are writing the Tip about.
  4. Begin writing your Tip Title in the Title field of the Enter a Tip section of the Contribute page.
  5. Click the, Continue button next to your Tip Title; you will be taken to the Enter a Tip page where you can finish writing your Tip.
  6. Compose your Tip in the Content field. Include as much information as possible, while keeping the information concise and to the point. A Tip should provide accurate information that is easy to read, understand, and follow.
  7. Click the Follow box if you would like to receive email notifications when other SureTrack community members edit or comment on your Tip.
  8. Select Submit once you are satisfied with your Tip.

 SureTrack’s Contribute Page


An Example of a Community Tip