SureTrack™ – 3.4 Million Real Fixes Added in 2013

SureTrack™ – 3.4 Million Real Fixes Added in 2013

It seems like everyone has had a very busy year. Here at SureTrack™, it has been no different. In our offices you can hear the clickety-clack of keyboard keys wherever you go as we work tirelessly gathering information, conducting research and sourcing data to ensure you get the answers you are looking for.

We are pleased to announce that we have exceeded our goal of adding more than 11 million articles to SureTrack™ in 2013. These articles provide you with valuable information to help you repair vehicles. The articles of information include waveforms, PID graphs, component tests, Community Tips, and Real Fixes.

This year we have added 3.4 million Real Fixes to SureTrack™. Real Fixes are real-world, proven solutions that can also work for you. We have gathered this data from shop repair orders around the country and we have presented them in an easy-to-understand Complaint, Cause, Correction style format as you can see below.

These Real Fixes offer a wide selection of information including:

Here at SureTrack we will continue to work hard the rest of this year and into the next to make sure we bring you the solutions you are searching for.

We all hope you have a very safe and a very Happy New Year!