Streamline Purchasing of Quality Recycled Parts

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    & ShopKey

Enable the AutoPartSearch Catalog Today!

We know how busy automotive recyclers are and how time-consuming ordering parts over the phone can be. By enabling the AutoPartSearch catalog – the first and only recycled OE catalog – Manager™ SE and ShopKey® Shop Management customers will no longer have to pick up the phone to place orders from suppliers or re-lookup parts.

Faster, smarter purchases of used OE parts

Now you can quickly select the parts you need and purchase them through your shop management software. Not only does this allow faster and quicker purchases, but it also saves valuable time so there is no more manual entry. Once the order is placed, an order is directly created into the recycler’s yard management system resulting in faster fulfillment.

It’s quick and easy to get setup!

All you need to do is enable the AutoPartSearch catalog as a preferred vendor in your shop management software platform, and you’re on your way to shop efficiency and savings!

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Get Started Now!

To get setup, simply scan the QR code to watch a step-by-step video. Or download the steps provided in the URG website at:

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  • Get access to over 700 member locations throughout the US and Canada!

    • Over 43 million parts
    • Over 63 million vehicle images
    • Over 51 million part images
  • Why Buy Recycled?

    • Save time and money
    • Original parts mean a perfect fit
    • Every part is cleaned, tested & inspected
    • All parts are covered by warranty
    • Parts go back into cars rather than landfill

United Recyclers Group (U-R-G) has partnered with Mitchell 1 to ensure the top recycling yards in the United States are among the sellers.

For more information, please contact:

  • Kristen Alexander
    URG Director of Sales & Marketing
    direct: 512-887-7922

  • Amanda Morrison
    URG Director, Member & Vendor Relations
    direct: 512-887-3951

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