Smoking the Competition at the 4th Annual Pinewood Derby

Mike Alberry 2017 Pinewood Derby

Mike Alberry setting up the track

Each year Mitchell 1 and Snap-on Diagnostics gear up for the Annual Pinewood Derby, and this last Thursday, May 18th, marked our fourth annual race. Held at Mitchell 1 headquarters in Poway, CA, the race included participants from Mitchell 1 and other Snap-on divisions in the U.S., England and Ireland. It was an exciting day with 36 cars being entered! But of course at M1 we take our racing seriously. That is why we were all set up with a legit 5 lane aluminum race track, a clocking system and live feed that can be viewed by contestants and other staff around the world. So this is how it works.

All of the contestants were given the same materials, including a piece of wood that weighed no more than five ounces. Each car was raced six times, one time in each lane, and went through two rounds in a fight for some killer prizes and, more importantly, bragging rights! With Mike Alberry, our resident race host and coordinator, and his team we were off to the races! Here are the results.

  • Best Looking
    • 1st Julian Woods (Snap-on, UK)
    • 2nd Richard Barnes (Snap-on, UK)
    • 3rd Michelle Castro (M1)
  • Fastest
    • 1st Sean Gharabaghli (M1)
    • 2nd Jamie Strickert (M1)
    • 3rd Todd Mercer (M1)

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Mitchell 1 Snapon Pinewood Derby 2017 Results

2017 Pinewood Derby Results

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