Save Time by Getting to Know Quick Lookups

Save Time by Getting to Know Quick Lookups

Have you checked out the Quick Lookups feature in ProDemand™ lately? If not, we highly recommend you become familiar with this valuable resource. Compiled in a single location is a wealth of information that you most likely refer to frequently, including:

  • Common Specs & Procedures – a list of the most common information that most techs need on a daily basis
  • DTC Index – a list of all trouble codes specifically related to the vehicle selected in one convenient location
  • Technical Bulletins – a list of all TSBs specifically related to vehicle selected in one convenient location
  • Wiring Diagrams – the full library of our popular color wiring diagrams

With Quick Lookups, we’ve given you one more option to quickly find the information you need to complete the repair. It’s another way of using ProDemand to its fullest potential.

You’ll find Quick Lookups in the Service Manual module by following these steps in the ProDemand workspace:

  1. Select a vehicle
  2. Go to the “Service Manual” module
  3. Find the Quick Lookups tab at the top of Table of Contents

Quick Lookup Torn Page

To help you become proficient with ProDemand, we offer free online training sessions every weekday that cover all ProDemand features and include real-world example lookups as well as a Q & A period. Click the link for more information:

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