Quickly Convert that Torque Spec

A typical, confusing torque specification table

A typical torque specification table

Torque Specifications = Foot Pounds, Kilogram-Force per Square Centimeter, Newton Meters, etc. Where does it all end?

When looking at a torque specifications table, all I want to know is the specification I need and then move on.

Today’s torque specification tables seem to provide a variety of measurements. I’m not a mathematician and need all the help I can get trying to make sense of it. As an editor here at Mitchell 1, I am constantly checking, verifying and updating torque specifications. The ability to quickly convert a specification to one I can use is invaluable, as well as a great time saver.

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to convert specifications built right into TruckSeries (and also ProDemand on the automotive side). It’s a calculator that can be used for numerous types of conversions. See below:

Calculator details in TruckSeries

Calculator details in TruckSeries (Click to enlarge image)

You’ll find the Calculator under Settings – look for the gear icon in the upper left corner of the TruckSeries application.

Click the gear icon to find the calculator in TruckSeries

Click the gear icon to find the calculator in TruckSeries

Now, if you want to use your mobile device to do the calculation, there are a few free conversion apps available that work very well. These days almost everyone has a smartphone, iPad or tablet within reach. Here are some links to apps for Apple and Android systems (and yes, ads are included at no extra charge). Try one of these apps and see if it helps you out.

Android: Unit Converter 

Apple: Convert Any Unit Free – Currency & Calculator  

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