Print the Spec Tables You Need or

How to Print the Spec Tables You Need

Sometimes, all you really need to complete a job are the specifications. However, trying to remember the specifications on the way back to the job after looking them up can be a challenge. Was that torque specification 20 ft. lbs. or 20 in. lbs.? Granted, you could write them down. Nevertheless, and make printing out specification tables easy. This not only saves you from trying to remember the specifications, it also eliminates the possibility of writing down the incorrect specification. 

Below are the step-by-step instructions to print tables (click to enlarge the images).

If you want to print out a single table, left-click on the table name in the right hand panel.

Select the “Current Heading (text only)” option in the Print menu.

A print box will display showing the table.

Select the “Printer” icon to print the individual table. That’s it — you’ve now got the specs you need right at your fingertips.