Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM Just Got Better with LocalSearch

LocalSearch Features

Beating your way through a sea of competitors online can almost seem like trying to quickly get through a Costco shopping trip on a Saturday afternoon—almost impossible! With Mitchell 1 SocialCRM auto repair marketing services, we’ve been able to pave the way to help our shop customers improve their visibility online, but we thought we could do even better. That’s why we just added LocalSearch, an optional add-on service that is the perfect pairing to your SocialCRM shop marketing service.

LocalSearch goes a step further in improving your presence online by using advanced search engine optimization and other auto repair shop digital marketing tactics. These tactics make it easier for potential customers to be introduced to your business, ultimately helping auto repair shops build their brand and boost their selling and marketing opportunities.

Here are some key features that are packing a powerful punch in LocalSearch:

  • All features of SocialCRM
  • Professional websites
  • Website tracking & reporting
  • Call tracking
  • Additional reviews through Yelp, Facebook and Google
  • Paid ads through Google Adwords (ADD-ON COMING EARLY 2018)

We’re delighted to expand our auto repair shop marketing service with new features that will help you improve your online presence and increase your bottom line. These days, an optimized website is just the beginning. By providing these services, along with insights and metrics to reveal consumer interests and trends, we can help shop owners make critical decisions for long-term success.”

To learn more about LocalSearch and the new features visit SocialCRM’s LocalSearch page at .