Mitchell 1 Just Got More Mobile

Mitchell 1 Just Got More Mobile

Let’s take a moment away from our text messages and Angry Birds to acknowledge that mobile computing has changed the way many of us communicate and spend our free time. Smartphones and tablets have been around less than 10 years, but we find ourselves wondering what we ever did without them.

Many shops have discovered that tablet devices have high value to their business. Not only are they relatively inexpensive compared to a PC, but they also are more mobile and have longer battery life. Technicians are gravitating to having a tablet at their side instead of a printout of a repair procedure, which allows them to take their repair information source to the vehicle, right where they need it.

At Mitchell 1, we’ve heard from a lot of customers about how being mobile has helped them work more efficiently. That’s why we’ve introduced the new ProDemand Mobile version. Here are answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions we hear about ProDemand Mobile:

Q: Can I access ProDemand on my tablet?

A: Yes, ProDemand has been optimized specifically for tablet devices to give users greater ability to access repair information right at the vehicle, where they need it most. Compatible with both Android and Apple tablet devices, new ProDemand Mobile supports portrait and landscape views and has been adjusted for the limited screen space that is available on a tablet device with a seven-inch or larger screen. At this time, Windows Surface RT devices are not supported.

Accessing ProDemand on your tablet is very similar to how you access ProDemand on your desktop computer. Simply open a browser and navigate to As you move the tablet, ProDemand will automatically adjust to the landscape or portrait view, but I suggest you use the “screen lock” feature to lock your tablet screen in landscape mode for best viewing. You can use all the “touch friendly” gestures you’re accustomed to using on your smartphone and tablet: press and hold, swipe, tap, and zoom (pinch and stretch).

Q: Can I access ProDemand on my smartphone?

A: Technically, the answer is yes. But in terms of practicality, the smartphone is really not the best device for viewing ProDemand. Since the smartphone is really just a computer with a very small screen, you can still log in to ProDemand; however, the graphics in ProDemand have been optimized for a larger screen, so it’s not the best experience to navigate and view the content on a phone.

Q: Which tablets and what size tablets should I use?

A: ProDemand Mobile was designed for devices with a 7-inch screen or larger. ProDemand will be best viewed on a 1024 x 768 screen resolution or greater. In terms of the operating system, we require iOS 7.0 or later and Android 4.1 or later.

Q: What is the best browser for viewing ProDemand on a tablet?

A: We recommend Google Chrome as the preferred browser whether you are on a tablet computer or a desktop computer.

Q: Is there any way to get my tablet back from my 5-year-old son?

A: Probably not; my best advice is to buy a new one for yourself. He’ll likely take over that one and you can at least get the old tablet back!

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