Meet your Mitchell 1 Marketing Specialist: Conner Carpenter

Mitchell 1 shop marketing specialist

This “Meet Your Marketing Specialist” series provides an inside look at our SocialCRM shop marketing services from the perspective of our expert specialists. Are you an established auto repair business with multiple locations or perhaps just starting to branch out?

Either way, you’re in good hands with Mitchell 1’s dedicated SocialCRM auto shop marketing support agents who specialize in assisting repair shops with their marketing efforts. We understand the importance of retaining and strengthening your brand – and ensuring your customers have peace of mind in receiving the same quality service at any of your shop’s locations. That’s why “We’re in your shop, at your side” – whether you have one shop or several locations.

Mitchell 1 shop marketing specialistIntroducing Conner

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Conner Carpenter, a SocialCRM Marketing Specialist, to get his feedback on specific tools that are most beneficial to maintain or increase a business’s competitive edge and overall branding.

So, buckle up auto repair businesses and get ready to rev up your shop’s success! Conner shares his insights on effective digital marketing strategies and best practices that will increase your bottom line while gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Q: Conner, for shops using SocialCRM marketing systems, what do you feel is the #1 added benefit that they were unable to do before?

Streamline their customer interactions from top to bottom! With our fully integrated systems, our SocialCRM marketing support team will essentially help walk you through an initial Google search that will point prospects in the direction to virtually tour your shop. We’ll help you build and develop a professional website, and pique the audience’s interest by leveraging information on the shop’s services to meet the customer’s needs. Then we lead them right to the front doors for their first visit!

Once their service is complete with an excellent experience from your shop we’ll continue to navigate the relationship between the shop and the customer with our SocialCRM marketing service. We’ll help build a rapport with customers and keep them engaged to return for future maintenance. Shops are busy doing what they do best, and we’re here to help on the back end — to pull in new customers and bring back the lost ones as well. This will help to increase customer retention and loyalty for profit growth.

Q: What marketing solutions do you feel are essential for a business to maintain their customers, but also attract new customers?

As far as driving in business and acquiring new customers, having an online presence and a professional website is important for your shop’s trust and credibility. Most people search online for their next auto shop, and having that visibility will go a long way. With, search-engine-optimized, custom-built websites offered through LocalSearch, it’s easy to beat out the competition.

You can make your personalized website work for you! After driving new business to your shop, having effective and decisive communication is key to gaining a satisfied customer — don’t make your customers look elsewhere. Help make their vehicle maintenance effortless with Service Reminders, Personalized Recommendations and harboring the relationship with Welcome and Thank You communications. Our SocialCRM program is sure to lock in customers and keep service requests coming in regularly.

Q: What trust do you put into SocialCRM marketing?

After years of working with shops on their specific customer needs, I put a lot of trust in the SocialCRM marketing system. The program is designed to provide shops with customization in how they reach their target customer base on the desired channels. The shops are quite busy, so having a system working overtime in the background to build a rapport with their customers is quite powerful.

Q: What obstacles do you find businesses often encounter, that the SocialCRM can resolve without changing much of their day-to-day work?

Communication, accessibility and presence. On the shop’s side, they really only need to collect customer information, and then we keep them engaged with follow-up communication. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to reach back out to the customer to get their review about their experience, but we can do that on their behalf while utilizing that feedback to improve the shop’s online visibility.

The shop will be able to see all new reviews coming in without leaving the comfort of their Mitchell 1 dashboard through powerful integration capabilities. Our program will help customers access their detailed history with the shop and even request appointments on-the-go. Not only is it easy for customers to request appointments, but with the touch of a button, the shop can instantly add the appointments to their calendar and save the customer’s information straight into their Mitchell 1 management system. Less work, more accuracy.

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Keri Cloud

Keri’s currently the SocialCRM Marketing Manager and has been with Mitchell 1 since 2011. Prior to joining the Mitchell 1 team she spent 13 years as a supervisor for a Fortune 500 real estate property management company.