Meet the New QuickBooks Integrator

Meet the New QuickBooks Integrator

This week, Mitchell 1 announced that the Manager SE™ shop management solution has been integrated with U.S. and Canadian versions of Intuit QuickBooks®. This is important for the aftermarket because according to Intuit, more than 3.7 million small businesses use QuickBooks to handle their accounting. If you’re a shop owner, chances are that you’re one of them.

Having your shop management software integrated with QuickBooks has several benefits, and they all boil down to increased efficiency. First, you only have to enter data once. Second, posted historical invoices created in the management software are transferred without re-creating the invoice. And, because you only enter the data once, there are far less errors, saving countless hours tracking down that one erroneous entry.  

The QuickBooks integration can also enhance your cash flow, speeding up processing of receivables and payables.

We’re excited about how latest version of Manager SE will simplify and speed up important shop accounting procedures, to help our customers increase efficiency and keep more accurate business records. Click to get the details.

You can read the press release here: Mitchell 1’s Manager SE™ Integrated with Intuit QuickBooks®

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