Latest ProDemand Update: 1Search, SureTrack, and Data Improvements

Mitchell 1’s ProDemand Team is back with multiple software and editorial improvements in the latest ProDemand auto repair information software update.  As always, we’ve listened to your feedback and made updates all based on the best ideas from our users.

Improved 1Search Results Display: Our 1Search results page has been simplified to show the “OEM Plus Results” and the “SureTrack Results” side-by-side in two easy-to-view columns. ProDemand also now returns “Additional Results” that include keyword search results from the Service Manual module. This means that after performing a 1Search, users will also find results when that key term is mentioned anywhere in our collection of OEM data, giving you immediate access to everything we know about that search term for the selected vehicle. An example of this new layout is shown in the screenshot below for the search “Oil”.

Figure 1 – Improved 1Search Results Display

Improved Common Repair Procedures Graph:  As part of the real-world SureTrack diagnostics information, the Common Repair Procedures Graph has been updated to have higher resolution for easier viewing. Also, instead of reporting component replacement instances at 25,000 mile intervals, we’ve shortened this to 10,000 mile intervals. This change allows technicians to see a more true analysis of when components are replaced based on our database of actual  repair records.

In Figures 2 and 3 below, you can see example screenshots showing the “before and after” view of mass airflow sensor data. In Figure 3, the “after” view, you can see more clearly the spike in mass airflow sensor replacements at 90,000 miles. It’s a much more detailed view, giving you more pinpointed diagnostic information.

Figure 2 – Before picture of Common Repair Procedures Graph

Figure 3 – After picture of Common Repair Procedures Graph

Codes and Systems for Non-SAE Codes: For the first generation of codes (OBD-I) in vehicles, you would often find the same code in different systems in the vehicle. ProDemand now returns smarter results for these codes, giving you a return choice with additional information, allowing you to select the correct code for your situation.

For example, for a 1994 Ford Aerostar 4.0L, we return four different code 12s for the brake system, engine, transmission and restraint system as well as an r12 for AC refrigerant:

Figure 4 – Codes and Systems for Non-SAE Codes

In addition to OBD-I, many European and Asian vehicles contain non-standard codes for various systems throughout the vehicle, including engine and restraint systems. An example of this would be BMW hex codes, such as “0x2a15”, representing an evaporative emissions systems leak.

In total, our editorial staff enriched 240,000 procedures representing 21,000 non-standard codes throughout all of the vehicles covered in ProDemand.

Connector End Views:  Our editorial team recently finished a project to add connector end view diagrams into ProDemand for all vehicles covered from 2002 to present.  In conjunction with wiring diagrams and test procedures, the connector end view diagrams allow technicians to properly diagnose a component. Especially for insulated connectors, the connector end view diagrams give technicians an easy way to know which pin is correct for the wire, allowing them to run electrical diagnostic testing such as voltage or resistance testing. The connector end view diagrams can be found in the “Diagrams” tab within the 1Search Module.

Estimate Guide Category Descriptions:  We have fixed an issue related to spatial descriptive terms such as front/rear. ProDemand now includes these descriptions in the categories in the Estimate Guide Module, making service writing more straight-forward for those affected labor and part items.

Forgot Username and Password Links: If you’ve forgotten your username or password, we have a quick solution. Using self-service links on the login screen, ProDemand now allows users to view their username and reset their password without having to call into our tech support group.

SureTrack Community Improvements:

  • The leaderboard feature of the SureTrack Community now keeps track of top point scorers (based on asking, replying to, and answering community questions) on a 30-day rolling basis.
  • You can now link to examples of good community tips/questions from the entry form for the tips/questions, making it quick and easy to see examples for how to write an effective posting.
  • More detailed explanations are accessible throughout the SureTrack Community to help you navigate and post within the community.
  • The SureTrack Community module gives an indication if you have an open question so that you can close the question with the best answer.

Contact Us/Feedback: ProDemand Feedback has been replaced with a “Contact Us” button found at the top right of the screen.  Clicking on “Contact Us” gives users support options including our toll-free support contact line at 888-724-6742. This is also where you can provide feedback regarding your user experience with ProDemand.

Figure 5 – Contact Us


About the Author

Gary Hixson

Gary Hixson is a Sr. Market Manager at Mitchell 1, and is responsible for product and market management of the Repair Information product line. Most recently he managed the release of ProDemand™, the industry-leading repair, diagnostic and maintenance information system.