Is Your Internet Browser Ready for TruckSeries?

Is Your Internet Browser Ready for TruckSeries?

Our new TruckSeries platform is off and running! In case you haven’t heard, we’ve packaged all of our industry-leading estimating, diagnostic trouble code and repair information for medium and heavy trucks into a single application. This convenient online solution allows you access all your truck service information on a single website, with a single login.

We’ll be transitioning our existing Class 4-8 truck customers to the new platform in phases over the next month or so. And starting this month, all new truck customers will access their software on the TruckSeries website at

One of the basic requirements to run the software is to have the correct Internet browser installed on your computer. So, to help you get started with TruckSeries, let’s make sure your Internet browser is ready for the new application. Below are some frequently asked questions — and answers — about Internet browsers:

What are the preferred Internet browsers for TruckSeries?
The new TruckSeries platform is optimized for several Internet browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11 (or latest)

Which Internet browser do you recommend I use?
We recommend you use Chrome for TruckSeries. If you’re not using Chrome already, here’s How to Install Google Chrome on your computer. If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, be sure you’re running the latest version of the browser.

Here’s how to find out what version of Internet Explorer is installed on your computer:

1. Click on the gear icon on the upper right corner of your screen. You will see a menu with several options – click on About Internet Explorer (it’s at the bottom of the list) – see below.

2. You will see a dialog box with information about your version of IE. We recommend you check the box to automatically install new versions of the browser – see below.

Why do you specify a version for Internet Explorer but not for Chrome or Firefox?
Google Chrome and Firefox automatically upgrade users to the latest version of their browser. Internet Explorer (IE) has started doing that with IE11, but previous versions of IE do not automatically upgrade.

If you see that you’re running a version of IE older than version 11, we recommend you update to the latest version. It’s quick and easy, so why not do it now?

Does TruckSeries work on Safari? Can I access TruckSeries on my iMac?
The Safari browser is not officially supported, but we do know that many users successfully access TruckSeries using this browser. We recommend that you download Chrome to your iMac and access TruckSeries via that browser.

Now that your Internet browser is all set, you’re ready to get started with TruckSeries. To get the very best start, we highly recommend you visit the online Get2Know Training Center and sign up for one of the free live training webinars. Our Truck Trainer will walk you through the TruckSeries application and give you great tips for mastering the software. And you’ll have a chance to ask your specific questions, too.

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