Important Update: Vehicle Maintenance Module with Improved User Interface

Important Update: Vehicle Maintenance Module with Improved User Interface

New interface streamlines user experience and improves access to information.

We have launched a brand-new vehicle maintenance module in ProDemand. This new system makes it much easier to see all the maintenance information at a glance for the vehicle you’re working on.

The ProDemand Maintenance Module update includes:

  • A complete redesign of the maintenance overview
  • Mileage and indicator based maintenance items have been placed in a carousel format with panels that slide horizontally to present the information in an easy-to-read graphical view
  • Similar maintenance services are grouped together

Below are screenshots of the new maintenance module with descriptions below each one of what is shown. Click the images for larger views.

When you select a vehicle and enter the mileage, and that vehicle uses mileage based maintenance, the maintenance screen will open with that mileage indicated on the bar with the closest interval highlighted. You will also see the previous and next service so that you can inform the customer of maintenance that should have been done and services coming due soon. You can also click other mileages to see those services or use the arrow buttons at the sides to slide the panels side to side.

If there are time based services, they will be displayed below the mileage services. Footnotes are also displayed at the bottom of the page. Note: You can put your mouse cursor over any footnote number in the charts and the footnote text will pop up.

Some manufacturers, such as Nissan, have new types of maintenance services and driving conditions. You can select those that apply in the filter selection box and the data below will reflect your choices. Additional Services will be displayed below the mileage-based services.

Here you can see the Additional Services type of data for this Nissan example.

Many newer vehicles use “Indicator” type maintenance systems. On these vehicles the general maintenance is not based only on mileage but also by driving conditions, time and other factors. For these vehicles, select the appropriate indicator check box and then the appropriate data will be displayed. Note you’ll still see relevant mileage and time based information if required by the particular manufacturer.

Here you see the selected indicator maintenance information displayed.

Here are important parts of the screen that will help you access all the information you need quickly.

Update: Here is a new training video we’ve put together for Maintenance.

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Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor is the SureTrack Community Administrator and a Senior Applications Specialist at Mitchell 1 with over 25 years of experience with electronic repair data systems. Nick previously worked in the automotive dismantling and engine rebuilding industries.