Important Update: Top 10 Lists Added to ProDemand

Important Update:  Top 10 Lists Added to ProDemand

We’ve updated ProDemand with a number of new features and fixes including updating the 1Search feature with Top 10 lists of the most common vehicle problems and lookups. All of the features are designed to get you to the information you need faster, and to take advantage of the real-world content within ProDemand.

Feature – Top 10 Lists added to 1Search ProDemand just made finding information even easier.  We’ve added four columns of information alongside the 1Search function: Commonly Replaced Components, Common DTCs, Common Symptoms and Top Search Lookups. (Click the image below to enlarge to full size.) The first three columns are built from real-world results, showing you the most popular repairs and diagnostics for this vehicle based on what is actually happening in repair shops. The fourth column shows the most-searched-for lookups used in ProDemand. Taken together, you can now access information about the most common jobs with one mouse click and get a jumpstart toward the correct diagnosis and repair.

Feature – Vehicle Selection Modified When you select Year, Make, Model and Engine from the vehicle selection dialogue, ProDemand now offers your choices in a single column. Previously, ProDemand had multiple columns. The single column design simplifies the selection process, making it faster to identify your vehicle.

Feature – Updated Module List We’ve made two changes to the module list for easier navigation. First, we’ve eliminated the “Code Search” module. All of the same functionality is available to you through the “1Search” module. Secondly, we’ve renamed the “Service Manual” to be “Vehicle Reference.” Both of these changes together create a simpler (and easier to understand) navigation.

Feature – Navigation directly to 1Search Since 1Search is the best way to look up information in ProDemand, we wanted to streamline the process for you to use this feature. Now, when you select the vehicle, the default action is to navigate you automatically to 1Search. To use 1Search, simply type in a component, code or symptom and ProDemand will return all of the OEM content needed for the job, plus real-world content from SureTrack.

Fix – TSBs now shown for all synonyms of search termNot all TSBs were showing following a 1Search, depending the name of the component used in 1Search. This has been fixed and all TSBs will now show for the component you look up, plus all related names of that component.

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Gary Hixson is a Sr. Market Manager at Mitchell 1, and is responsible for product and market management of the Repair Information product line. Most recently he managed the release of ProDemand™, the industry-leading repair, diagnostic and maintenance information system.