Hyundai F4A51 Transmission with ISS Troubles

Hyundai F4A51 Transmission with ISS Troubles

Wayne Colonna/Motor Age — The other day I was visiting a shop located in Homestead, Fla., called WiWi’s Transmissions. Alberto Rivera, one of the techs there was working on a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. This vehicle was fitted with a V6 2.7L engine and the F4A51 four speed front wheel drive transmission.

It came into the shop due to intermittent failsafe conditions. A P0717 code was retrieved revealing a missing Input Shaft Speed Sensor (ISS) signal. In this case, intermittent losses of the ISS signal. ISS codes are not uncommon with these vehicles. 2006 and earlier vehicles P0715 was the code assigned for the ISS. 2007 and later it is now P0717.

This ISS is a 3 wire hall effect sensor which provides a 5 volt pulsed signal to the computer on the center wire. Ignition voltage is supplied to the sensor on one outer wire and ground provided to the sensor on the other outer wire.

Since there was an intermittent problem with the signal, Alberto removed the air duct and battery to do a visual inspection of the ISS. He already had a suspicion as to the cause of the problem as he had seen this problem several times before.

Source: Motor Age

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