How to Rescore Low Customer Reviews

How to Rescore Low Customer Reviews

Business reviews play an important role in the decision-making process when a potential consumer is searching for anything. Whether it’s watching a movie or going out to eat, the first thing consumers do today is take out their smart phones and search for the reviews of their choice and similar choices to see which is better. Consumers pay attention to points of interest like negative reviews and replies from the business.

With SureCritic, Mitchell 1’s partner for customer reviews, you receive actual reviews from verified customers, which magnify their value. You also have the ability to manage your reviews and online reputation by responding to any review and also sending a rescore request to any customer who has given you a negative review.

In a previous post, we’ve discussed how to respond to the consumer when you see a negative review. Now we’d like to share five steps to walk you through the process to reply to and rescore a negative review using the SureCritic dashboard. (click the thumbnail images to enlarge to full size):

1. Log in to SureCritic (

2. Click view/action to the left of the negative review.

3. A new window will open with the review details, including the star rating, “Would Recommend,” and service information. At the bottom, you have the option to Respond to the review.

4. Enter how the issue was resolved when you followed up with the customer, then click Publish Response.

5. Once you publish the response the Rescore button will be available to send an additional follow up request to your customer.

The customer will then be able to leave additional (most likely positive) feedback on their original review. This will ultimately help raise your star rating and show the world that you were able to exceed the reviewer’s expectations. Even if you are unable to resolve the situation, publishing a response will demonstrate that you have acknowledged the reviewer’s concern and closed the loop on the negative feedback.

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