How to Boost Sales with Vehicle Condition Photos

How to Boost Sales with Vehicle Condition Photos

Photos tell stories, communicate emotions and, for a growing number of independent automotive repair shops, demonstrate vehicle service recommendations in a way that words alone just can’t match.

We know that technicians in repair shops in the U.S., Canada and other areas have already collectively taken and shared 250,000 vehicle condition photos with customers. That’s one-quarter-of-a-million visually compelling incentives for drivers to buy new tires, stop a fluid leak, replace a corroded battery or replace their vehicle’s brakes.

This technology is made possible through Mobile ManagerPro, a new add-on solution that integrates with the Manager SE shop management system and enables techs to ditch scrawled handwriting in favor of digital, easy-to-complete multi-point vehicle inspections. Technicians can meet customers at their vehicles, tablet device in hand, and begin the inspection process.

Within seconds of inputting the license plate number, the software decodes the VIN number and auto-populates fields with vehicle, make, model and more. Pretty cool, eh? And most users also take advantage of the software’s ability to take pictures and make vehicle recommendations.

In fact, for many shop owners and techs, the real proof of the usefulness of Mobile ManagerPro is in its ability to take and text photos. Our research has shown that the uptick in photo-taking is paying off. Techs who take three or more photos, or make three or more service recommendations, have seen repair order totals increase by up to 40 percent. Overall, shops using Mobile ManagerPro are seeing an average increase of 15 percent in repair order profits simply by showing, not telling.

Think about it: Would you be more likely to replace your brakes if a technician told you they were worn, or if the tech showed you, via pictures, that the brakes were shot?

How does your shop communicate customer service recommendations?

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