How Motorcar Makeovers Uses Customer Reviews to Build the Business

How Motorcar Makeovers Uses Customer Reviews to Build the Business

(Part 2 of a 2-part series)

In Part One of this series we met Scott Jacobs, owner of Motorcar Makeovers in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, and got some insights into how he and his team have achieved an impressive average star rating of 4.93 (out of 5) and a 100% “Would Recommend” rate on over 1,000 customer reviews.

Scott has owned the shop since it opened in 1995. From the very beginning he has taken a customer-centric approach to fixing vehicles right the first time in order to get customers back on the road as soon as possible, with peace of mind. Scott and his team offer personalized service on a wide range of vehicles, and a 24-month/24,000-mile guarantee on all parts and labor. As the shop celebrates its 20th anniversary, they continue to be dedicated to “bringing service back to the service station.”

Scott uses the Mitchell 1 SocialCRM auto repair shop marketing service and has taken full advantage of the consumer reviews to build his business. One of the ways that organic reviews (reviews provided directly from the customer without bias) help him is by increasing his shop’s reputation and visibility on the Internet. Mitchell 1 partners with SureCritic, the automotive industry’s first transparent and verified reputation management platform, to deliver this service to shops.

Scott says, “The increase in organic reviews has grown our presence on Google. Upon searching for a repair shop, new customers are able to find information about our business and read reviews from recent customers without influence. We have had more customers call, email and visit as a direct result of the unbiased reviews found on our SureCritic page, our Facebook page, and our Google page than we have had from any other marketing source.

“The SocialCRM service and the SureCritic reviews have been a key element in pushing our business into the cyber-world with such a strong, online presence. Our SocialCRM Support Agent works with us to help monitor our reviews.”

A unique feature in the SocialCRM customer review service is the ability to “ReScore” a low-scoring customer review. Shop owners are encouraged to reach out to unhappy customers in order to help resolve issues and increase the overall customer experience at the shop. Once the issue has been resolved, the consumer is then asked if they would be willing to write another review based on the issue resolution and service received. The ReScore is appended to the original review so potential consumers can see how well the business engages with customers to resolve concerns when they arise.

I know that as a consumer, I would be more likely to bring my vehicle to a shop that is willing to work with me to resolve issues, rather than a shop that doesn’t appear to care about my bad experience. Using the ReScore feature allows shops to demonstrate their concern for customer issues while making a good impression both on their existing and potential customers.

Scott goes on to say, “No matter how good your customers are, you need to consistently stay in their face so they will remember why they chose you in the first place. Mitchell1’s SocialCRM service allows us to do that at a fraction of the cost that phone calls and postcards cost back in the day.”

The ability to solicit reviews from your customers without pressure is important in helping your business achieve a successful presence in the social media world. As Scott would say, “Use the technology wisely; it’s not just for fixing cars.”

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