Optimizing Your Facebook Page With Insights – The People Report

How the Facebook ‘People Insights’ Report Helps You Engage (Part 3)

This is the third in a series of posts that will walk you through the various tools in Facebook that help you ensure that your content is visible — and relevant — to the customers who like your page.

Do you have a hard time deciding what to post on your Facebook Business page? Maybe you aren’t sure if it will appeal to your followers. The bigger question here is, do you know who your followers are? This can play a big part in the success of your auto repair marketing efforts. It’s important to know who is looking at your page – men, women, their ages and location. All of this info is available in your Facebook Insights.

Let’s dive into the information available in the People report in Facebook Insights. Go to the Insights tab and then click People from the menu on the left side of the page.

From the Insights menu, select People.

From the Insights menu, select People.

So now you have the data, what can you do with it? Based on the Facebook report below (click image to expand to full size), you can see this page has slightly more male followers than female. This would be an indicator to you to share more content that you think would be relevant to your male audience. For instance, maybe you share a photo of your local football team and the last winning game.


An important tip for you: Not all posts have to be automotive! Keeping your customers involved is all about keeping up with the interest of your followers. Another insight we can gain from the report is that most of this page’s followers are in the 34-44 age group. Knowing this can help you plan your Facebook posts as well. You can assume that most people in that group are working, have families, houses and maybe their children are starting to drive (scary for any parent!) This tells you to post content that this group can relate to — maybe a helpful guide for teen driving rules. See the example below from “5 to Drive” as something that could engage this audience.

Click the image to view Five Ways to a Safer Teen.

Click the image to view Five Ways to a Safer Teen.

Knowing the location of your followers can help, too. Looking to see where the majority of your customers live can give you some ideas for posts. For instance, maybe there is a farmers market or county fair coming up, or even a local feel-good news story you can share. Those are all things your customers would be able to relate to, and in turn may result in more engagement with your page in the form of “likes” and comments. The more engaged your customers are with your Facebook page and your shop, the more likely they are to return when their vehicle needs service – and also refer your shop to others.

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