Have you been locked out of ProDemand?

ProDemand has many great features to help you and your shop perform at the highest level. Not only does ProDemand have your back when you’re working under the hood but also when it comes to security.

Did you know? Your program has a built-in feature that banishes any potential software pirates from using your program without your consent. The system is designed to shut down after three failed login attempts. But it’s 2018! We realized that we live in a world that requires multiple passwords for multiple purposes, and if you’re like me, sometimes you forget what password goes to which website, accidentally locking yourself out.

We have the solution! If you know your password and discover there may have been an error typing it in, wait a full 15 minutes and the system will allow you to try again. If you continue to have an error, you have two options available.

Option one: If you do happen to forget your password, our system has a built-in reset feature. Simply click on the “forgot password” link and follow the steps as prompted.

Option two: If you’re still having trouble you can always call into one of our friendly customer care agents, 888-724-6742, or any other support group where we will be happy to get you back up and under the hood in no time.

About the Author

Rich Limon

Richard Limon is a Customer Care Agent at Mitchell 1 and is responsible for providing excellent customer service. In addition, he is also a trainer for the ProDemand repair information software.