Good Communication and Customer Loyalty

Increase customer loyalty with ProPack

In today’s competitive auto repair market, there’s nothing more important to your business than customer loyalty. With so much more competition out there today, finding new ways to retain the customers you currently have is paramount. One of the proven ways to increase customer loyalty is through improved communication and customer satisfaction.

One of the most effective and time-tested methods of ensuring customer loyalty is to provide the people who walk into your business with excellent customer service.

You may think that excelling at something as complex as customer service is hard work. That can be true, but while it’s not always easy, it is in fact quite simple. The most important thing to remember, when it comes to customer service is that it all comes down to communication. As long as you communicate well and you’re honest with your customers, you give yourself an excellent chance at winning their business again.

How ProPack Can Help Increase Customer Loyalty

ProPack is an optional add-on to Mitchell 1’s popular Manager SE repair management software that gives you the ability to communicate with your customers better than ever before. Not only can you connect with your customers, but you gain access to detailed reports on their purchasing behaviors and history with your shop. With these details at hand, you can provide your customers with accurate information and suggest maintenance or repairs that will keep their vehicle running safely and reliably.

Here are some highlights of the communication features found in Mitchell 1’s ProPack.

Report Pro

The Report Pro feature in ProPack provides you with the ability to better communicate vital information directly to your customers. You’ll have full control over the message that gets sent to them, and you can add your logo and tag lines directly to the message. You can even print out a QR code that will add your customer’s next appointment to their smartphone.

Lube Sticker Pro

We’ve all seen lube stickers, but with ProPack, you’ll have access to their latest evolution. Lube Sticker Pro will print out the sticker which will not only accurately predict your customer’s next service, but will generate recommendations for the vehicle and send a text reminder to them to make sure they don’t miss the appointment.

Message Pro

The Message Pro feature of ProPack will let you send text messages to your customer’s phone right from the application. This enhances your customer loyalty efforts not only by letting you communicate more frequently with your customers, but also by communicating with them via their preferred method.

The J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Customer Service Index (CSI) Study.SM shows that while more and more consumers prefer to receive communication from auto service providers by text message, only a fraction of them (3-percent) actually do. This is an opportunity for you to delight your customers! You also save time, with the option in Message Pro to save and send custom-made canned responses that you can use over and over again.

The ProPack software add-on is the optimal way to share vital information and connect with your customers. Not only will you give them a better understanding of what’s happening to their vehicle, but in the process you can increase customer loyalty.

Check out the Mitchell 1 website for more information on the ProPack software add-on for Manager SE.

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