Fracture-split Connecting Rods – No, That’s Not a Broken Part

Fracture-split Connecting Rods – No, That’s Not a Broken Part

Actually, a fracture split connecting rod is a technology used in some of the very latest engine designs on the market.

Usually, connecting rods and their adjoining end caps are separately forged and machined. Rods may also be forged as a single piece, with a slightly oblong big end. The end cap is then cut from the rod and machined for a precise fit.

Fracture-split connecting rods, however, are manufactured quite differently. The connecting rod is forged as a single piece of metal. Next, using specialized equipment, the large end of the rod is precisely scored. Finally, the cap is then literally “snapped” from the rod. This process results in an uneven fracture surface on the rod and cap parts. This uneven surface allows for a more precise, durable cap-to-rod fit than is possible with traditionally manufactured connecting rods.

Fracture-split connecting rods are less expensive to produce, and have the added benefits of greater strength and longer service life.

As always, be sure to reference the specific service information for your truck when performing an engine overhaul.