Featured TSB: High Altitude Warning for Mini Cooper

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This bulletin applies to 2014 Mini Cooper vehicles equipped with an N18 engine.

The service engine soon (warning lamp may be on and engine power may be reduced). This may occur in areas high above sea level (greater than 5,000 feet) and more frequently with colder outside temperatures. The following faults will be stored in the digital motor electronics (DME) and no mechanical problems may be found:

2C56 (Charging pressure control, plausibility pressure too high)

2C58 (Charging pressure control switch off; pressure build-up blocked)

The cause may be unfavorable DME software. Visually inspect the air intake system to make sure all components are not damaged and all connections are tight and not leaking. If no mechanical fault is found, reprogram using the latest version of ISTA/P (target integration: R056-14-03-500 or higher).


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