Do You Get Strange Consumer Phone Calls?

Phone-ringingAccording to some shops that I’ve recently visited, you’re probably getting more strange phone calls these days from consumers. From over-the-phone estimate requests to those customers who think they know how to fix their own vehicle by watching a YouTube video – lately, it seems shops never know what they’re going to get when they pick up the phone.

It used to be easy for shops to write off price-shopping consumers with a “thanks-but-no-thanks” attitude. But maybe there’s a better way. With consumers having more auto service options, special offers, and information available to them, the number of strange calls will continue to increase.

As you’ll learn in the blog post link below from Elite’s Auto Shop Idea Center, price shopping and customers with just-enough-information-to-be-dangerous may not be exactly what they seem.  In most cases they are really just asking if your business is going to treat them fairly. So are you?

For telephone tips to convert those “strange” customer calls into sales, read 5 Telephone Tips That Will Increase Your Auto Repair Sales from Elite’s Auto Shop Idea Center.

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