Customizing Your Manager SE Information Display With Users (Profiles)

Customizing Your Manager SE Information Display With Users (Profiles)

We know from experience that shop management software users have different ideas of what information should appear on the screen and how it should be organized. It’s critically important to be able to look at a Work In Progress screen and find answers quickly.

Our Manager SE system supports multiple display options through profiles known as Users. Simply step up to any workstation running Manager SE and click the Users button. Select your name (or job function if set up that way) and the Work-In-Progress or Order / Revisions screen displays system information the way you want to see it.

Add a User
Select a User

How does this work? When the software is newly installed, it will display DEFAULTUSER in the bottom right-hand corner with the program version number. It is only possible to have single display options at this point. Screen preferences (columns displayed, location + width relative to other data columns within screen view) are stored to a User name. As you adjust or make changes to the data columns and filters, these are recorded to your selected profile. Then as you move to any different workstation running Manager SE and click on Users, change to your User name and update the display on that PC to use your stored preferences!

Link to the following Knowledgebase article to view a 45-second looping video that shows how easy it is to create a new User entry through the Configurations – Program Security screen.:

NOTE: If you are planning on migrating from Manager 5.9. software to Manager SE 6.x, the old User List entries are not migrated. Therefore it is important to know how to (re-)create at least one User name to record your screen preferences to.

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