Create a Quick Appointment with the New Scheduler

Here’s a close-up look at the new Scheduler in the Manager SE shop management system. It’s much more capable than the legacy Scheduler, which had been unchanged since 1995.

The new design reflects many user requests to include vehicle, technician and resource details. What users may not realize at first glance is that it’s still possible to make basic appointments that skip the additional details when you don’t need them. Those details provide valuable data that you can use in the future.

One of the questions we hear is, “How do I just make a quick appointment? This seems like a lot more steps.” That’s why we’ve prepared this blog post; to show you how to do exactly that – see below.

Side-by-side Comparison of Steps to Enter a Quick Appointment:

Manager SE Scheduler

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So, let’s dive in and create a new appointment using the new SE 7.1.7 Scheduler. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1) Click on New Appointment


2) Click on New Customer


3) Enter a Name * Enter phone # and/or enter email (*can’t do that with the 1995 Schedule)


4) In Vehicle Selection, click Cancel


5) Keep/adjust Start/End Times (like Estimated Hours)
6) Add any notes in Comments (like Notes)

7) Click on Save & Close


When the legacy 1995 Scheduler was open, you couldn’t do anything else in the program until you exited the Scheduler. Because you can keep the new Manager SE 7.x Scheduler open all the time (even on a second screen), it’s always ready to go.

We know that at first glance it may seem intimidating; it will take users a little time to get to know the new Scheduler and see all that it offers. The new Scheduler can capture and display all kinds of data such as vehicle, technician and resource assignments, and many other cool things that we’ll discuss in future blog posts.

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