Seen at the 2016 NTEA Work Truck Show

New Single Cannister Unit

New Single-Cannister Unit

Last week I attended the annual NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. There were lots of nice new trucks along with new engines, snow plows, truck beds, lift gates, cranes, tool boxes and so on.

The one item that really caught my eye was the new “Single Module Aftertreatment System” introduced by Cummins engines. This new system has replaced a two-cannister system connected by a pipe to a single-cannister system. The one-piece module contains four temperature sensors, a pressure sensor, CES/DEF dosing system, Nox sensor and a particulate matter sensor. It combines all functions of the DOC, PM Filter, Decomposition Reactor and Selective Catalytic Reduction.

This new design results in 33% size and 15% weight reductions. Ash holding capacity has also improved compared to previous design resulting in improved service intervals.

Previous Two Cannister Unit

Previous Two-Cannister Unit

For an ISB engine, the new single-cannister system will be available in three different sizes (horsepower dependent) along with straight through or vertical end exhaust inlet and outlet options. This new unit looks like it will be much easier to service compared to previous two piece unit. Take a look at the pictures of both units and see the difference.

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