The Connection Between Estimating & Customer Loyalty

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A critical aspect of running an auto repair shop is the process of estimating. What may seem to the consumer like a fairly easy and straightforward process is actually a complex task that can be a key factor to the overall success of your business.

While it’s true that an estimate is just that—an estimation—estimates that are consistently inaccurate can cost your shop time, money, and customers. Accurate estimates not only increase efficiency but can contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

That is why most successful auto repair shops rely on expert automotive estimating software and are now also moving toward using mobile estimates to supplement their estimating process for all of their services.

Automotive estimating tools like those in the Manager SE shop management system provide shop managers with a trusted method of generating accurate parts and labor estimates for their jobs. Taking those features mobile – to a tablet device – can save valuable time and get the car into the bay sooner.

For example, you can save an estimated 10 to 15 minutes per customer through quick VIN and license plate decoding features that instantly decode and record all vehicle-specific data (make, model, engine type, service history, account details, etc.) with the press of a button.

Mobile ManagerPro, the optional mobile application integrated with the Manager SE system, adds features like customizable multi-point inspections, full vehicle diagnosis with photos, and Team Chat for instant message capability.

Beyond the obvious benefits to the shop’s productivity, your customers also win. And when the customer wins, your business wins, too. An accurate estimate creates proper expectations and helps improve the overall customer experience. And that means they will be more likely share their story in a positive review and also spread the word to their friends and family about your great auto repair shop.


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