• Disconnecting The Battery With The Engine Running?

    The other day, while looking up a procedure for testing a fuel injector fault code, I noticed this warning about disconnecting the battery with the engine running, and it brought back memories from years ago.


  • That Tingling Sensation

    Vibrations naturally exist in all components but are particularly prevalent in the moving parts of the drive-train.

  • Those Colors Have Meaning!

    Meaning of Colored Illustrations in TruckSeriesThe other day, I was in TruckSeries looking up the information to replace the disc brake pads on a Ford F-450. Navigating to the procedure, I couldn’t help but notice the bright colors in the repair illustrations.

  • Component Identification

    Component Identification in TruckSeriesWhen you are working on what seems like the Frankenstein of trucks, you may need to call in to support to find the right information in your truck repair information. This might require you to be able to identify a part or piece.

  • Teardown Time!

    professional transmission teardown how toAs tempting as it may be, taking this fast and dirty approach to transmission disassembly can, unfortunately, increase the likelihood you could miss the problems that led to the need for a transmission overhaul in the first place.