Can’t Think of Anything to Post on Your Shop’s Facebook Page?

Here’s Help!

If you ever find yourself with a case of writer’s block when it comes to your Facebook page, join the club! Coming up with engaging, original posts on a consistent basis can push anyone to the limits of creativity. Thankfully, we’re not alone. There is plenty of advice “out there” — a quick Internet search can deliver loads of ideas to help us when we hit one of these slumps.

If you use the SocialCRMshop marketing service, you get a steady stream of content pushed to your Facebook page, and your support agent is always there to help. But here are some tips if you’d like to do even more with your Facebook content.

One of the best first steps is to have a content plan. It can be very simple, but it really helps to have a “map” to refer back to when you’re drawing a blank on what to post.

Think about types of content that your audience is interested in. For auto repair shops, your main audience is most likely your existing customers and potential customers who are “shopping” for auto services. You know your customers, and you can assume that potential customers have similar interests. So the good news is you already have a head start on narrowing down the type of content that will engage them.

Planning Your Content

Try this content plan or “map” when you’re drawing a blank:

  • Always focus your content on your audience – not on yourself (your shop). Making your content about THEM is the best way to engage with your customers
  • Of course you can share shop news and information, but try to spin it so that it demonstrates value to your customers
  • Show your business’s personality (keep it professional!)
  • Try topics such as vehicle maintenance tips, basic car facts and trivia – for example, check engine lights can be a good topic
  • Share how vehicle technology has changed by showing an example in your shop of an old component and/or the new component (maybe your parts vendor can help)
  • Share discounts and promotions you’re offering, or special events at your shop (like a Car Care Council Car Care Event during National Car Care Month)
  • Consider questions that your customers ask you frequently, and write posts with the answers
  • Share pictures or video of anything funny or unusual that you find at the shop, such as bumper stickers or excessively worn vehicle parts (again, keep it professional)
  • Share content and content ideas from other Facebook pages you respect, like your parts vendors – giving the source credit is common courtesy and be sure to steer clear of copyright issues

If you write a blog, that is a perfect source of content for your Facebook page and other social media channels. Put all these ideas in a list and then look at that list every time you come up empty-handed for a post idea.

Content Curation

Feel free to “borrow” relevant content from other sources. The techie term for this is “content curation,” but it’s really just sharing, and it’s an invaluable source of material for your Facebook page. Find and follow webpages and other Facebook pages with content you think would interest your customers, and then share that content on your Facebook page. It can be humorous, serious, or helpful content. The key here is that it’s geared to your customers.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Below are some websites that have lots more ideas. So, now that you have some help, it’s time get started with a content plan and some great posts that build your shop’s following on Facebook.

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