Before Mitchell 1 Went Paperless…

Before Mitchell 1 Went Paperless…

Factoid Friday Trivia Game Answer & Winner Announced!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a guess in our latest Factoid Friday trivia quiz! The Factoid Friday trivia game uses the iconic pieces of automotive history from the Mitchell 1 archives as the basis for trivia guessing game.

The latest Factoid question was, How many pounds of paper were used to print the Mitchell Repair manuals in 1999?”

Guesses ranged from 2,777 pounds to 6.6 million pounds. The correct answer was 2.5 million pounds. We’re happy to announce that with a guess of 2.5 million pounds, Ric Morin, owner of Motorcar Alternatives in Hookset NH, had the only correct answer and has won a $25 Amazon gift card. Congratulations, Ric!

By 1999, the era of electronic repair information had begun and OnDemand, predecessor to ProDemand, was taking off. Mitchell 1 was winding down its publishing operation, but even so, still published 360 different titles and printed one million manuals onsite. Today, all of Mitchell 1’s repair data is available online, and we publish only one book, the Emission Control Application Guide (it’s printed offsite). Going paperless and delivering the data online is not only way more efficient for our users, but also helps the environment by saving a whole lot of trees.

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time; we’ll be doing another Factoid Friday soon. In the meantime, visit the Shop Connection Blogs often for helpful hints and valuable information to help you master Mitchell 1 software and fix cars more efficiently.

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