A Happy Ending, Compliments of Product Content Support

A Happy Ending, Compliments of Product Content Support

Our days in Product Content Support (PCS) are super busy and we get used to hearing a lot of similar types of questions and requests.  Our main job is to help customers with repair information and estimator content issues. When they have a problem finding information in the product, the PCS team is there to help guide them to it.

For the most part, questions that come into PCS are on the normal side, such as, where’s this or how do I do that? But every once in a while something “different” comes along that makes us think outside the box. It doesn’t always happen like this, but I’d like to share a really cool story that made our day.

Barry Quirke

Barry Quirke, one of Mitchell 1’s veteran Product Content Support professionals, took a call recently from a shop office manager — we’ll call her Helen (not her real name) — who called in for her tech who did not speak much English. Here are Barry’s actual notes from the call:

They were having a no start issue after replacing the fuel filter on this vehicle. I navigated Helen to the procedure in the program and she said that her tech had already gone through the procedure and it was not working. The tech had some translation issues with the procedure and I attempted to tell Helen what to tell her tech to do. But again there were some communication barriers getting in the way. She explained how the truck had been in the shop for over two hours for what should have been a 30-minute procedure — and their customer was waiting.

At this point I asked Helen if she wanted to do the priming procedure and I would walk her through it. She took the keys and I explained the steps in as much detail as possible and had her cycle the pump on and off a couple of times. After a couple of priming cycles I told her to start the truck and she got it started. I could hear the engine start and let her know that it would run rough for a couple of minutes and that was normal. She then asked me in disbelief, “Did I start it? Is it running? DID I FIX THE TRUCK?!!!”

I had a short laugh and said “Yes, you did it!” She then said THANK YOU and promptly followed with a little celebration on her end, saying “I Fixed it” and “YAY!!!” I asked her if she needed anything else and she said no, and thanked me once again. 

Like I said, this is not our typical call in Product Content Support. Most often we help customers find their own solutions using our products. But this just shows how the team can think on their feet and are willing to go the extra mile to help customers. Barry really made Helen’s day… and you can bet that this result made the customer waiting in the lobby happy, too.

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