A Good Drought?

A Good Drought?

We are currently in a serious drought situation here in California. However, there are circumstances where having no water is actually a good thing — especially if you are diesel fuel and temporarily reside in a closed fuel tank.

That’s right, the most common fuel contaminant and biggest enemy to your truck’s engine is water. Water reduces the fuel’s lubricating quality, eventually causing injector seizure which in turn can result in major engine damage. A lack of lubrication also contributes to premature fuel pump and system component wear.

Water in the form of condensation in the fuel tank promotes fuel deterioration, damage, rust and corrosion. Fungus, bacteria and microbes will also grow inside the tank as a result of the water and can quickly plug a filter. Water and diesel fuel just do NOT belong together.

A major contributing factor to the presence of water in fuel is bulk fuel storage. Don’t assume that replacing the fuel filter will remedy the problem. Always identify the origin of the water source. For example, fuel stations that do not perform correct bulk tank storage maintenance procedures can introduce unwanted water into the system. Have your customers ask their fuel supplier about their storage procedures, including how often they change the tank filters.

Also, drain your truck’s water filter separator on a daily basis. You can find the steps for this procedure in TruckSeries. Eliminating the water before it enters the engine just might save you some time and will help keep the truck on the road.