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When you started out in your first professional shop, did you find yourself running to a more experienced technician or surfing the internet for way too long looking for a fix? As an auto care professional, most often knowledge comes from experience. And that includes learning from more experienced technicians who can guide you to the right diagnosis. More experience equals a quicker diagnosis. But there is just one problem.

Today, so many different cars have new drive and electrical systems; it would take a lifetime to catch up and “see it all.” You could study, read every OEM, sift through every car article and use the internet, but who has time for that these days? Then it becomes just as important to know what information isn’t relevant.

The truth is that a long lead time from customer to bay caused by searching a sea of information is detrimental to the bottom line. Fewer cars are able to be serviced. This is when being an expert or having guidance from one pays dividends in saved time and increased productivity. Stop and imagine what it would be like to have access to verified repair information from expert technicians at warp speed. SureTrack® Real Fixes allow you to do that with every car that enters your auto repair shop.

A treasure trove of information, the Real Fixes in ProDemand grant you access to tens of millions of repairs performed by actual automotive professionals. Think of it as your fellow shop expert you went to for advice, however, this expert does know “everything.” These real-world fixes allow you to see how other experts handled the same issue, so you can see if the same solution applies to your situation. This will cut down the time required to diagnose the problem and also tell you what tools to have and order, as well as, what parts to replace.

One of the most valuable benefits of Real Fixes is confidence. Each technician and shop owner can relax knowing that they can confidently handle whatever car repair situation arises at the shop. With each car that enters the shop, chances are someone else has fixed that problem before. That fix has been documented, so the technician can go directly to the complaint, cause and correction in seconds!

Confidence may not seem like a big deal, but a research study of 552 sales people and 859 of the customers showed that customer satisfaction and willingness to pay can be positively influenced by the sales person. When sales people were able to accurately identify customers’ needs through conversation, the customers were happier and more open to purchasing. That also applies to the auto shop. Confidence truly gives customers peace of mind, which they are willing to pay for.

Mitchell 1 has more than just a database of searchable experience. The online SureTrack Community at Mitchell 1 takes getting advice to another level. By allowing technicians to submit questions about fixing cars and letting other technicians answer those questions, the database of knowledge continues to grow constantly. You have access to what might seem like your own personal help desk, backed by thousands of auto professionals, where you get interactive feedback (usually within a few minutes) from a real technician who has been in your shoes.

So in a nutshell, what does all this mean? It means that you can find information quickly and efficiently, allowing you to be an absolute expert with confidence. That confidence and knowledge will allow you to spend more time on other tasks, create a better customer experience, keep your customers coming back and increase sales. All of which put you on the SureTrack to success!





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Gary Hixson

Gary Hixson is a Sr. Market Manager at Mitchell 1, and is responsible for product and market management of the Repair Information product line. Most recently he managed the release of ProDemand™, the industry-leading repair, diagnostic and maintenance information system.