2018 Social Media Video Marketing Trends for Your Auto Shop

Images and videos are king when it comes to content.  As a daily Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat user, I often find myself passing all written posts and only stopping for things I can get through quickly. If you too are active online, in social media or simply just paying attention to the news, it’s no secret that social media is one of our society’s biggest forms of communication and arguably one of the most influential ways to communicate to a wide audience quickly. Over the past couple of years, you may have also noticed there has been a bigger emphasis on visual content.

Think about it. How often in the last month have you read a text-only article, social media post or another piece of content online that wasn’t accompanied by some kind of visual? Well, 2018 will be no different. In fact, social media is amping up their visual content options and offering some new ways for you to catch the attention of viewers. Hop on some of these great trends in 2018 to stay competitive, keep your audience engaged and attract new business.

Let’s Talk Facebook Videos!

Hubspot Research on Consumer Demand for Video Content

Graph Source: HubSpot Research

In the U.S. alone, Facebook videos have increased by 94% annually, and there are an astounding 8 billion daily video views on their platform. Interestingly, of those, 85% of the videos are viewed without sound. These numbers show that your followers are craving video content, so give it to them! Here are some EASY ideas for creating videos for your auto repair shop.

Curated Videos – We get it. You are busy, and that’s a great thing! But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice posting great videos. Most videos are “shared” from other trusted sources.

  1. Start by following other non-competing businesses, publications or popular car enthusiasts.
  2. When you see something your audience might like or benefit from, share it!

Create Your Own Videos – If you have the time and resources, make it yourself! Nothing is better than establishing yourself as an authority in auto repair than creating original content.


  • Inside the shop: You can do interviews, show how the shop runs, highlight staff members, etc.
  • Importance of videos: Show repairs that a technician is working on as a result of the customer not getting regular maintenance.
  • Community events: If you do community events, show your audience. They love to see it!
  • How-to: At home maintenance and checks a motorist should do that doesn’t compete with the auto shop.
  • Look at what competitors are doing for other ideas.

Mitchell 1 Example of Live Video for Creating Social Media Posts in 2018Live Videos – This is the easiest way to create original content and show your customers behind the scenes of your business. All you need is your phone. These are real-time videos that allow your viewers to also leave comments and ask questions in real-time.

One way to best use this is by showing off a service that is popular during that time of year or mileage milestone. Each time you go live, all of your followers will get a notification to watch. THE BENEFIT: You may increase awareness of a service as well as reinforce your brand name in the customer’s mind for future services.

Have You Tried Instagram or SnapChat?

Aside from Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat, both visual-centric platforms, also shouldn’t be left by the wayside. These powerful platforms also offer video functionality. As the younger generations and your current and future customers make these platforms some of their staples for communication, it is important to expand your reach here too. A few features have been added.

SnapChat: Currently, SnapChat allows 10-second videos to be shown. You can upload a longer video, but it will be trimmed to the 10-second guideline. This is great for a quick look at a fix, the shop, the crew or other quick looks. A great use would be a flash sale! Only people who view a snap in that 24 hour period get a discount on a specific service. With SnapChat, the draw is that the videos can only be viewed for 24 hours. So watch out; they will be erased.

Instagram: As of 2017, Instagram has boosted their video length time from 15 to 60 seconds in length. To compete with SnapChat, they are also not only offering these normal short videos but also what they call, Instagram Stories—a series of short clips played back-to-back that erases after 24 hours. All of the ideas used for Facebook can also be used for Instagram.

Biggest Take Away

One of the biggest things not to forget is ENGAGEMENT! If you are not engaging with your audience, you are missing out on a great opportunity to draw them in and keep them interacting with your brand. Make sure to “like” comments left, pose questions or message people back after they have left a review. Also, make it a habit to check these platforms as often as you can. It’s public, and prospective customers can see. If you have any questions or just want to run an idea by someone, give your agent a call! The SocialCRM team is ready to help!

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