2014 Engine Oil Capacities Coverage is Here

2014 Engine Oil Capacities Coverage is Here

Need the oil capacity for a 2014 vehicle? Good news – our Editorial Team has recently completed all of the 2014 oil capacity specifications. This includes information straight from the Owner’s Manual for all 2014 domestic and import vehicles.  The team is now filling in the 2015 models as information becomes available to us.

And here’s a tip to find the oil specifications quickly: look for them in the Quick Links menu on the right hand side of the screen in ProDemand. Click on the oil can icon and you’ll find the oil capacities as a subset of the Fluid Specifications feature. In there you can also easily look up and view all fluid types and capacities for the vehicle you’ve selected. Information is pulled from the Owner’s Manual, so it will match the information that your customer sees.

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Rob Eller

Rob Eller joined Mitchell 1 in 1993 as an associate editor working primarily on the domestic and import transmission publications. He is currently Senior Coordinating Editor of the repair editorial department. Over the years, he has earned 32 ASE certifications and AAIA World Class Tech status. Before joining Mitchell, he was involved in various aspects of the automotive repair industry. Rob is a native San Diegan and holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Arts from San Diego State University.