• Repair information for Class 4-8

    Mitchell 1 provides Class 4-8 truck shops with the fastest, most accurate solutions for every stage of the repair process…

  • Manager SE Truck Edition

    Overview of Manager SE with the Medium & Heavy Duty truck models. Related Videos

  • ELECTRIFY Your Business with Mitchell 1

    Learn how industry-leading auto repair software and services from Mitchell 1 “electrifies” businesses to future-proof shops and improve profit margins. Discover how: * ProDemand repair information charges-up electrical diagnosis and repairs to service any vehicle, including gas, hybrid and electric * Manager SE shop management software powers-up efficiency with streamlined workflows, from estimates through invoices, […]

  • Repair Trucks Faster with TruckSeries Software

    Learn about Mitchell 1’s exclusive TruckSeries software suite – the only comprehensive repair information software of its kind available for the medium and heavy-duty trucking segments. TruckSeries provides commercial truck service professionals with the fastest, most complete and accurate information required to estimate labor times, diagnose and repair all makes of Class 4-8 trucks – […]

  • Driving Repair Efficiency at Every Step with Mitchell 1

    Take a close look at how the Mitchell 1 product suite works together to help improve shop efficiency, diagnostic accuracy , and attract and retain customers, Ben Johnson, director of Product Management for Mitchell 1, walks through a typical “day in the life of a shop,” beginning with a customer looking for an auto repair […]

  • Advanced Electrical Testing For The Professional Technician

    Tackling electrical concerns is always a challenge and one many professional technicians struggle with. But just like any other skill you’ve mastered; you can master this one as well! And we have just the trainers to help you do that! Join Pete Meier and G. Jerry Truglia on Saturday, February 25th at 6:00 p.m. Eastern […]

  • Keeping The Smoke In The Engine Control Module

    “Have you ever gotten to the end of a 15-page troubleshooting flowchart and found that the last step was to “Replace the ECM”? I don’t know about you, but even if I know I did all the tests and checks right, I was still a little nervous about recommending an expensive part without knowing 100% […]

  • Shop Marketing to Grow Your Business

    SocialCRM delivers powerful digital marketing tools like targeted promotions, verified customer reviews and social media marketing services to help auto repair shops grow their businesses by retaining current customers and acquiring new ones. Related Videos

  • Growing Your Business with Customer Loyalty

    Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM auto repair marketing services have proven success in helping shops like yours build better relationships with consumers to increase loyalty and bring in more business. We help you accelerate your marketing with very little effort on your part, so you can retain existing customers and also acquire new ones. SocialCRM offers a […]

  • Auto Repair Marketing

    With so many options to market your auto repair shop, learn how two shops are using SocialCRM to streamline their marketing efforts and grow…

  • Texting Campaigns: Send & Results

    Overview of template or free-form texting campaigns and reviewing dashboard results. Related Videos

  • Online Appointment

    Configuration options for the online appointments screen that customers will see from shop’s website or SocialCRM email links. Related Videos

  • Easy access to your SocialCRM Reports

    See how easy it is to access your SocialCRM reports directly from Manager SE shop management software.

  • The #1 Shop Management Tool for Auto Repair Shops

    Manager™ SE is the industry standard for estimating and shop management, trusted by generations of shop owners to manage every aspect of the business and track performance over time to optimize shop productivity. Related Videos

  • Time Manager Overview

    Manager SE now includes time management features in a simple & secure configuration. Service advisors can monitor status of repair work to know when certain jobs have been started and track how much progress has been made. Managers and service advisors need to see actual ‘clocked hours’ to confirm where they are in terms of […]

  • Onboarding Requests + Processing Service Alerts [VOYO]

    This video shows how to process an Onboarding Request received from a new or existing customer – then process an Alert with ProDemand diagnostic information. The alert DTC was sent by a VOYOLink device on the vehicle. Related Videos

  • Mitchell 1 Manager SE – Shop Management System

    It’s Manager SE’s job to make your job easier. The industry-leading shop management software from Mitchell 1 gives you a 360-degree view of…

  • Shop Reports Demo

    Now access selected Manager SE Shop Reports remotely through a new module link on your ProDemand home screen. All you need is a browser and internet connection. This clip shows how this feature is accessed. This feature is free with your Manager SE / ProDemand (TeamWorks) subscription. Related Videos

  • Manager SE Demo

    Quick demonstration of selecting customer& vehicle for Estimate, using Symptoms, Recommendations, Revisions for Repair Order, then Invoice, Pay & Post to History. Related Videos

  • Program Security Overview

    Description of program security and creating users with passwords for protected functions. Related Videos

  • Price Markup Matrix

    Configuration of parts matrix for markup values by dollar ranges. Related Videos

  • Tire Matrix + Tire Fees

    Overview of the Tire Matrix function that creates selling prices from user settings. It also covers the conditional setup of Tire Tax 1 and/or Tax 2 per state regulations. Related Videos

  • Manager SE Markup

    Overview of Markup options including Parts, Labor from ProDemand, Sublets and Shop / Misc. Overhead Related Videos

  • TruckSeries: Complete Repair Information for Commercial Trucks

    Mitchell 1’s suite of Web-based products for the medium and heavy-duty trucking segments helps service professionals estimate labor times, diagnose and repair all makes of Class 4 through 8 trucks. Eliminate the guesswork with intelligent diagnostics, accurate labor times, and tools like color wiring diagrams, digital photographs, testing steps and connector views. Related Videos

  • TruckSeries 1SearchPlus

    TruckSeries 1Search Plus is the fastest way to find repair information. The return is a series of cards that follow a tech’s diagnostic and repair path.

  • ProDemand Auto Repair Information Made Smarter

    ProDemand® delivers complete OEM repair information and exclusive real-world knowledge in a single lookup, to help automotive technicians repair vehicles more efficiently. Key features include expert-based Real Fixes, interactive wiring diagrams, ADAS quick reference, the latest TSBs, common replaced parts graphs, and integrated estimating with the Manager™ SE shop management system. Related Videos

  • Vehicle Repair Information Made Smarter

    Learn how ProDemand™ from Mitchell 1 helped VIKING AutoCare increase efficiency, fix more cars, and double their sales. ProDemand has…

  • ProDemand Modules

    Brief tour of ProDemand Modules and the information type presented in each. Related Videos

  • Advanced Interactive Wiring Diagrams

    ProDemand SVG Wiring Diagrams gain additional features that link diagrams together with jumps, searchable connectors, grounds & splices, wiring history last 10 diagrams viewed. Related Videos

  • The Best Wiring Diagrams in the Industry

    Do you dread navigating today’s complex wiring diagrams that take you down a seemingly endless, twisting path to the information you need? No More! We’ve eliminated that hassle with the Advanced Interactive Wiring Diagrams in ProDemand. The latest enhancements make navigating within a diagram set, or navigating from one diagram set to a completely different […]

  • ProDemand Estimator

    Overview of Estimator screen options for Parts & Labor, Maintenance and Fluids Related Videos

  • ProDemand SureTrack Community

    Overview of the expert Community tab – users can submit questions, search answers, track their own contributions Related Videos

  • 1Search Plus

    1Search Plus is the fastest way to find both OEM and SureTrack expert community real fixes. The return is a series of cards that follow a tech’s diagnostic and repair path Related Videos

  • Estimate Guide

    Overview of Estimate Guide settings for labor rates, taxes, fees, discounts, creating and saving quotes with or w/o customer information Related Videos

  • What is ADAS – Part 1

    Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) is the name given to a set of features implemented on a vehicle that works to increase car and road safety. ADAS includes a plethora of different car safety features and technology, including adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, parking assist, pedestrian crash avoidance mitigation, and many more. In addition to promoting […]

  • What is ADAS – Part 2

    Why Do Auto Repair Shops Need to Be Prepared for ADAS? ADAS may make life simpler for the driver, but it makes things significantly more difficult for auto repair shops. Common jobs that used to be simple are now more complicated than ever, with something as straightforward as a wheel alignment now requiring a complete […]

  • Manager SE – Time Manager


    Time Management Features to Increase Visibility, Accountability and Efficiency

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  • Prepare vehicles and your shop for ADAS calibration


    This whitepaper dives into steps you can take to ensure your shop is well equipped to handle vehicles with ADAS features.

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  • ProDemand – 1Search Plus


    Streamlines searches in ProDemand with user-friendly graphical design and intuitive workflow.

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  • Mobile Platforms


    This document takes a look at the benefits of integrating a mobile platform within your auto repair shop.

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