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Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM™ customer retention and new customer acquisition service is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive way of reaching an entire customer database with a unique marketing message, while attracting new customers through authentic reviews and increased Internet visibility. As featured in autocarepro:news, and

Key new features of Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM program include: 

  • Automatic customer reviews
  • Review alerts
  • Search-friendly review content
  • Facebook page creation
  • Facebook link integration
  • AutoNetTV videos


“In a few words, Mitchell 1’s new SocialCRM program is shop marketing made simple – we do all of the work so you can concentrate on running your business,” said Brian Warfield, product manager for Mitchell 1. “Our support agents set up the SocialCRM service and monitor its performance with extensive summary reports. We create the Facebook page and provide automatic feeds of video and review content. We also help choose automatic e-mail and postcard campaigns, review the SocialCRM summary reports and recommend tuning the program for maximum return on investment. In addition, we help create coupons and send targeted e-mail blast campaigns.”

Current Mitchell 1 CRM and eCRM customers have the opportunity to take advantage of the enhanced features that have been added to the new SocialCRM program, thus making their product capabilities even more robust.

Benefits of using SocialCRM:

Go Where New Customers Can Find You: The Customer Review System allows a shop’s customers to create reviews of the service, which are automatically verified as authentic customer reviews. These reviews, with keywords added to optimize performance, create search engine-friendly links, driving the shops search visibility upwards where new customers can find them. 

Stay Connected to Current Customers: Turn first-time customers into loyal, profitable customers automatically. Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM integrates seamlessly with the shop’s management system, calculating mileage history and combining that with specific maintenance schedules to determine next recommended services. It includes free e-mail matching with the shop’s customer database, target market promotions, a library of e-mail and postcard art and customizable large-format postcards, artwork and logos. 

Get Social Media Working for You: The Mitchell 1 SocialCRM support agent sets up the Facebook page for maximum word-of-mouth marketing. Compelling content, AutoNetTV videos and customer reviews are automatically pushed to the shop’s Facebook page on a regular basis to keep the shop visible and customers engaged. Facebook links are included in the “thank-you” e-mails and on the consumer’s personalized vehicle maintenance website,

Get a Reputation Boost: Customer reviews are posted to the Internet, complete with overall satisfaction star ratings and review comments. The Customer Review System can also verify which reviews are from actual customers, which studies prove are typically higher than unverified reviews.  With ReScore, shops can ask for a follow-up review once they’ve had the opportunity to resolve a customer concern. This service also includes automatic low score alerts, actual customer verification, links to the shop’s website and the ability to respond to customer reviews.

For more information on Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM program, visit or call 800-410-0529.

About the Author

Jill Schafer

Jill Schafer is the Marketing Communication Manager at Mitchell 1 and has over 20 years of marketing experience with high-technology organizations, including over 10 years in the automotive information industry.