When connected, VOYOLink transmits vehicle data to Manager SE-equipped repair shops in real time

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – May 1, 2023 Mitchell 1 announces it has integrated its Manager® SE Shop Management software with Voyomotive, a company that provides advanced telematics products that can help a shop assess the health of vehicles remotely through the cloud and monitor driver safety in real time. The integration is made possible with the VOYOLink web-based platform and VOYO OBD-II devices that connect vehicle owners to Manager SE-equipped repair shops.

“We’re excited to join forces with Voyomotive, a company that provides an advanced telematics device which delivers much more than standard OBD-II emissions-related data,” said Ben Johnson, director of product management for Mitchell 1. “The VOYOLink integration with our services will provide seamless connectivity and communication between the vehicle, the repair shop and the vehicle owner, enabling shops to take their customer relationships to a whole new level.”

Enrolling a repair shop in the program is simple. Vehicle owners can purchase the small VOYO device online or through a participating repair shop, easily attach it to the diagnostic port under the vehicle’s dash and then connect to their favorite shop with a single click on the VOYOLink website.

Once connected, the VOYO devices send vehicle data directly from the vehicle to the repair shop in real time. Technicians can then investigate problems and schedule service remotely for things like diagnostic trouble codes, maintenance reminders, oil changes and other alerts, including predictive battery failure and tire issues.

The connected car technology not only boosts safety, but it also cuts costs and saves time. When vehicles need service, automated work orders will be created directly in Manager SE. Customers will receive faster turnaround on service, including optimized quotes, scheduling and parts ordering.

“The partnership between Mitchell 1 and Voyomotive provides a ground-breaking new service for shops and vehicle owners,” said Peter Yorke, CEO of Voyomotive. “For the first time, fleets and consumers can see the same real-time vehicle data remotely, viewed by the service advisor before bringing their car into a shop. The combination of VOYOLink and Manager SE brings a level of automation and efficiency to independent shops that people have long come to expect in an era of connected devices.”

Johnson noted that VOYOLink services provide enhanced functionality above and beyond the data that many telematics devices deliver. The VOYO devices interrogate much more than the standard powertrain module, enabling communications with the vehicle’s body and transmission controllers. Therefore, they can monitor car vitals such as tire pressure, oil life and battery life.

“The VOYO link service allows shops to proactively get involved in the diagnosis and maintenance of their customers’ vehicles,” said Johnson. “Shops that connect with VOYO will experience improved turnaround time, increased customer satisfaction and boosted revenue.”

Voyomotive offers a consumer entry-level Bluetooth low energy VOYO device that connects to the cloud using the VOYO mobile app (both iOS and Android versions available). The company also offer the LTE VOYO device for fleets, which makes a direct connection to the cloud. Both versions of VOYO devices are supported by VOYOLink and Manager SE.


About Manager SE
Manager SE shop management software helps mechanical auto repair shops streamline workflow and track activity from estimate to invoice. The tools and reports in Manager SE give shops a 360-degree view of the entire operation, helping them manage repairs, customer service and the overall business more efficiently and profitably.

About VOYOLink
VOYOLink is a web based platform that allows vehicle owners to connect to a Manager SE shop with a single click on the website. VOYOLink also provides shops with the ability to broadly manage telematic connections by vehicle or by customer and across multiple shops. The VOYOLink platform currently operates on VOYO devices; however, Voyomotive will shortly open the platform to third party telematics providers and data from fleet management systems.


About Voyomotive:
With HQ in Sarasota, Florida and R&D in Saline, MI, Voyomotive is a telematics service provider that acquires vehicle data on par with OEM systems. The company’s platform consists of proprietary hardware, firmware, APIs and cloud-based systems which are licensed on a turnkey basis to B2B and B2C partners. The data provided enables new applications for service/repair, insurance, fleet management, a new class of smart auto parts, and consumer mobility apps. It is also ideal for solutions requiring data analytics and edge computing. For more information about VOYOLink, visit www.voyolink.com or email contact@voyomotive.com.

About Mitchell 1:
As a member of the Snap-on® TOTAL SHOP SOLUTIONS brand family, Mitchell 1 has been a leading provider of repair information solutions to the motor vehicle industry for more than 100 years. Mitchell 1 offers a complete line of integrated repair software and services, including vehicle repair information, business management and shop marketing services, to help automotive and commercial truck professionals improve productivity and profitability. For more information about Mitchell 1, visit www.mitchell1.com, call (888) 724-6742, or locate an independent sales consultant at www.mitchellrep.com.

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