With tough economic times still in the forecast, an independent repair shop’s ability to sell profitable maintenance work is a key component to their business survival. But how do they make the transition from just fixing broken vehicles to maximizing maintenance sales with each customer visit? As featured in AutoCareProNews.com.

Mitchell 1’s ServiceIntelligence (SI) vehicle maintenance tracking software creates a unique maintenance profile for each vehicle in the customer’s household based on the detailed tracking of 25 maintenance items. This sophisticated maintenance tracking system is easy to use and provides an accurate and credible way to increase the average repair order for each customer visit.

Here’s how one customer increased their profit from one year to the next by purchasing Mitchell 1’s ServiceIntelligence:

We were looking for an inspection tracking tool that let use more accurately recommend OEM scheduled services while also tracking service that may have been completed at a different time or mileage than the OEM interval. ServiceIntelligence created a more realistic inspection reminder timeframe, since many customers don’t have an entire OEM schedule of services completed during a single visit, or at the exact recommended mileage interval.

I’ve been using Mitchell 1’s ServiceIntelligence since 2006 and last year I generated over $150K in additional gross sales by consistently presenting services using the SI report. Not all customers agree to all the services, but I let them decide. It’s my job to present all the services that the vehicle needs and I’m alright with customers declining a service. The majority of those that decline a particular service or services end up having them completed as time and their budgets allow.

Tom Gebbies, Service Manager
Gebbies AutoCare
Lansdale, Penn.

ServiceIntelligence Version 9, Powered by eAutoclub, offers three product levels – ServiceIntelligence Standard (SI Standard), ServiceIntelligence Target Market Promotions (SI TMP) and ServiceIntelligence Pro (SI Pro).

ServiceIntelligence Standard (SI Standard) takes advantage of your valuable service history data and your customer’s specific driving habits to instantly provide the details on what services have been done in the past, and which ones are due again. Maximize your profit potential by printing out the individual ServiceIntelligence Vehicle Profile Reports at the front counter.

ServiceIntelligence Target Market Promotions (SI TMP) allows Mitchell 1 Shop Management customers to send preventive maintenance e-mail campaigns using specific service categories. Even if they don’t have customer e-mail addresses, there’s no need to worry. The product activation fee includes an e-mail matching service using the tech’s Shop Management customer database, allowing for economical e-mail campaigns.

ServiceIntelligence Pro (SI Pro) combines SI Standard and SI TMP. Maximize profit potential by printing out the individual ServiceIntelligence reports at the front counter and sending e-mail campaigns using specific service categories.

“By automatically analyzing the service history for each customer’s vehicle, profit opportunities are identified and presented in an attractive report format,” said Brian Warfield, Mitchell 1’s senior product manager for ServiceIntelligence. “Each vehicle profile report provides sales, marketing, appointment setting, new profit opportunities and credibility. Customers will appreciate the higher level of service and shop owners will appreciate the increase in preventive maintenance profits for their aftermarket shops.”

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Jill Schafer is the Marketing Communication Manager at Mitchell 1 and has over 20 years of marketing experience with high-technology organizations, including over 10 years in the automotive information industry.