Mitchell 1 announces it has added a new monthly reporting feature to its SocialCRM™ customer retention and new customer acquisition service. The new product feature automatically
sends e-mail reports to customers on specific SocialCRM product results, in addition to other reports that provide insight into the shop’s overall business performance.

“We’ve been busy creating more value for our SocialCRM customers,” said Brian Warfield, product manager for Mitchell 1. “These reports were designed to clearly demonstrate all the ways that Mitchell 1 is working every day on behalf of shop owners to bring customers back to their businesses and to find profitable new customers for the shop.”

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports
In addition to providing feedback on customer retention marketing (CRM) products results, customers get information that gives them a unique perspective on their business. The KPI reports are exclusive to Mitchell 1 and show the shop owner how their overall business is doing compared to their previous year’s results for the exact same time period. Because Mitchell 1 counts the number of business days for the current year versus the previous year, the shop owner can quickly see where they stand for the month and year-to-date down to the very day. Because the KPI report also creates a monthly sales projection of how they will finish the month, the shop owner has an opportunity to implement immediate marketing programs before it is too late to achieve last year’s sales pace.

Benchmark Reports
The new benchmark reports are also unique to Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM program. It shows the shop owner their vehicle count and average invoice amount compared to other aftermarket shops in their state and nationally for the same metrics.

Shops receive the monthly reports on the first Monday of each month, but for customers that are using the KPI reports to track their business progress, they will want to consider the option to receive the report weekly. In addition to the weekly report option, customers have the ability to enter additional e-mail addresses for the report’s delivery.

Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM service provides the most comprehensive way of reaching an entire customer database with a unique marketing message, while attracting new customers through authentic reviews and increased Internet visibility. Key features of the SocialCRM program include automatic customer reviews, review alerts, search-friendly review content, Facebook page creation, Facebook link integration and AutoNetTV videos.

Mitchell 1 support agents set up the SocialCRM service and monitor its performance with extensive summary reports. They create the shop’s Facebook page and install automatic feeds of video and consumer review content. They also help choose automatic e-mail and postcard campaigns, review the SocialCRM summary reports and recommend tuning the program for maximum return on investment. In addition, agents help create coupons and send targeted e-mail blast campaigns.

For more information on Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM program, visit or call 800-410-0529.