How to Supercharge Your Shop’s Revenue & Profits

    If you want to immediately increase your shop’s profits, and also position your business to thrive in the coming years, then don’t miss this FREE online workshop series!


    The 90-minute sessions will be offered live at 3:30 p.m. Pacific
    (5:30 p.m. Central / 6:30 p.m. Eastern)
      • June 17, 2021
      • July 1, 2021
      • July 15, 2021

    Each session includes a Q&A period for you to get answers to your most pressing questions!

Why Attend?

It takes more than technical expertise and great service to ensure that your shop is successful. You need those, of course, but you also need strategies and tools to keep your bays full and your business growing and profitable.

This powerful 3-session online workshop brings together:

  • A panel of industry experts who have first-hand experience in running profitable auto repair businesses
  • Mitchell 1/ShopKey product experts who will share tips and tricks to master our award-winning shop management and repair information software to maximize efficiency and customer engagement. When you can do that, increased profits are not only possible, but inevitable!

Session 1 – Thursday, June 17

Increasing Your Shop’s Profits Today and Tomorrow

The industry’s top thought leaders and shop owners will be teaming up to give you a peek into the future, and provide guidance on what you need to do to ensure your shop is ready for the coming changes.

Bob Cooper, President of Elite (Panel Moderator)

About Elite

Bob Cooper and his team offer the new Sales Master University, industry-acclamied peer groups, one-on-one coaching by top shop owners, and world class training.

Ben Johnson, Director of Product Management, Mitchell 1

Craig Noel, Owner of Sun Automotive, Springfield OR

Chris Monroe, Owner of Monroe Tire, Shelby NC

  • Prepare for emerging technologies coming soon to your shop
  • Apply practical tips to generate immediate results and increased profits
  • Create a desirable workplace that attracts qualified technicians – even in a technician shortage
  • Keep your service bays full in the coming years
  • Plan for what’s coming in our industry to ensure your long-term success
  • Be ready for the future of skilled labor and keep your shop ahead of the pack
  • Keep up with changing consumer buying habits to build your business

Session 2 – Thursday, July 1

Supercharge Your Shop Management System (Manager™ SE & ShopKey® Shop Management)

Presented by: Tim McDonnell, Sr. Marketing Manager for Manager SE, Mitchell 1

  • Profitability: Need customer approvals fast? Text them directly from your SMS
  • Professionalism: Automate and personalize your customer communications
  • Efficiency: Syncing R.O. Statuses to Appointment States to switch automatically
  • Speed: Color coding Work-In-Progress R.O. Statuses delivers fast answers at a glance
  • Monitoring: Online Shop Reports now available anywhere you have internet
  • Integrity: Daily/weekly data validations prevent serious database issues
  • Your Manager SE/ShopKey Management FAQs answered by product experts

Session 3 – Thursday, July 15

5 Easy Tips to Find Repair Information Faster (ProDemand® & ShopKey® PRO)

Presented by: Gary Hixson, Sr. Marketing Manager for ProDemand, Mitchell 1

  • Save time with smarter, faster lookups with 1Search Plus
  • The power of real-world SureTrack® diagnostic content
    • What you’re missing if you’re not in the SureTrack Community
  • Electrical diagnosis got you down? Interactive wiring diagrams are your new best friend!
  • Zero in on ADAS with our Quick Reference and other shortcuts – a Mitchell 1/ShopKey Exclusive!
  • Write estimates faster and more accurately than ever
  • Your ProDemand/ShopKey Pro FAQs answered by product experts

Register today at no charge, and get ready for immediate AND long-term results!