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  1. Diagrams Partially Printing OD5 SK5 Desktop Symptom: Diagrams are partially printing, in this instance on a Windows Vista machine, but may also occur on other operating systems. Programs affected: OnDemand5/Shopkey5 Desktop 5.8 Solution: Check the hard drive space to see how much is avai... Read More
  2. User Limit Exceeded When Opening OD5_SK5 Program Symptom: "Exceeded User Limit” when opening the OD5/SK5 program. Versions Affected: OnDemand 5, Shopkey 5 (all versions). Solution: Reboot the computer. For laptops do a complete system shutdown not a reboot, the laptop may not be comp... Read More
  3. Reinstall of OD5 or SK5 only Gives Option to Remove Program Symptom: When trying to re-install OD5/SK5 it keeps presenting a window that only allows the option "Remove" to be selected. Versions Affected: OnDemand 5, Shopkey 5 (all versions). Solution: Mitchell1 Program Delete this folder - "{5F7DF... Read More
  4. Restore After Reinstall or Update If user loses access to web-based repair and/or estimating after reinstall of mgmt software running (or more rarely a quarterly shop management update by Winner's Circle or Supercharged CD), the user should check the configuration as it may have reve... Read More
  5. Fix OD5/ Printing of Headings / Figures (DPI) This setting can cause a problem in printing headings with figures; if you've experienced this issue, check your settings and make sure 96 DPI is selected. DPI = Dots per inch 1. Right-click on your desktop, select Properties 2. Go to t... Read More
  6. Which Ports Are Used by Ports needed to use are 80, 8080, 8088, and 443. If you cannot gain access to the full site through any of the regular troubleshooting methods have the user clear their proxy (server) cache. If they login and receive a blank scre... Read More
  7. Very Slow - Anything To Speed Up? Within Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, click Delete Cookies, Delete Files/Check Delete all offline content and click clear history. Manually delete temp files under C:\Documents and Settings\"user account"\L... Read More
  8. SE Recommended Local Backup Instructions Insert USB drive in computer and determine which drive letter has been assigned to that device. Note: Local database backups can only be performed on the Host\Main PC. To determine which Drive letter has been assigned to the USB drive open My Co... Read More
  9. No ODBC Data Source / 3031 Error No ODBC Data Source / 3031 Error   Cause:  This error is caused by severe database corruption (e.g. loss of power, multiple power failures, viruses, wireless network, etc.)   Symptoms include slow performance and receiving errors running normal o... Read More
  10. Your network configuration is using UNC which is not supported by Management Systems. Symptom: Your network configuration is using UNC which is not supported by Management Systems. Product: OnDemand5 Manager/Manager Plus MU, SK5 Service Writer/Management MU.   Solution:  When installing a workstation a drive must be m... Read More
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