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  1. will not save login information Symptom: When logging into the website at the username and password screen, you check the box to save the username and password information. However, when you exit the browser and access the website again, it brings you back to the un/pw screen ... Read More
  2. Restore After Reinstall or Update If user loses access to web-based repair and/or estimating after reinstall of mgmt software running (or more rarely a quarterly shop management update by Winner's Circle or Supercharged CD), the user should check the configuration as it may have reve... Read More
  3. Which Ports Are Used by Ports needed to use are 80, 8080, 8088, and 443. If you cannot gain access to the full site through any of the regular troubleshooting methods have the user clear their proxy (server) cache. If they login and receive a blank scre... Read More
  4. Very Slow - Anything To Speed Up? Within Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, click Delete Cookies, Delete Files/Check Delete all offline content and click clear history. Manually delete temp files under C:\Documents and Settings\"user account"\L... Read More
  5. 500 Server error trying to access OnDemand5 or Shopkey5 Symptom: Clicking Login results in a 500 server error as shown:  Solution:  1. This is most commonly caused by an upgrade to the Internet Explorer browser. The compatibility mode settings need to be added.  Do this by g... Read More
  6. Repeated License Number Exceeded Issue Symptom: Continually getting "License Number Exceeded" errors trying to login to OnDemand5 or  Solution:  Go to Tools > Internet Options (Fig. 1) (Fig. 1) Ensure that Internet Explorer is not set to clear Histo... Read More
  7. Certificate Error Symptom: Certificate error logging into or trying to use Repair or Estimator buttons from within Manager give security certificate errors.  Versions affected: 2.4 due to new Geotrust CA (9/18/10).    Solution:&nb... Read More
  8. Printed Figures Only Show Box with X on Page Printout Symptom: When attempting to print figures it appears fine on the screen; however when printed-out, only a box with an ‘X’ shows on the page.     Solution: Update: To automatically apply the following fix please run the M1SKConfig Util... Read More
  9. Print Options and Setup Options are Truncated Symptom: Print options and setup options are truncated. Affected Products: OnDemand 5 / Shopkey 5 Web Products. Normal:             Truncated: Solution: T... Read More
  10. Configuring the Verus or Verdict units for Ondemand5 and Shopkey5 web product integration   Symptom: Configuring the Verus or Verdict scanner for use with,, or   Solution:   1) Click on the Information icon from the home screen.   ... Read More
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