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  1. SE Recommended Local Backup Instructions Insert USB drive in computer and determine which drive letter has been assigned to that device. Note: Local database backups can only be performed on the Host\Main PC. To determine which Drive letter has been assigned to the USB drive open My Co... Read More
  2. No ODBC Data Source / 3031 Error No ODBC Data Source / 3031 Error   Cause:  This error is caused by severe database corruption (e.g. loss of power, multiple power failures, viruses, wireless network, etc.)   Symptoms include slow performance and receiving errors running normal o... Read More
  3. Tracking eCRM Coupons in Mgmt SE Not every customer solicited through CRM will present the shop with the coupon(s) sent, but the mailing did it’s job. People may call or drop by asking about their 112,500 mi. service. That doesn’t happen all by itself! If you want to kno... Read More
  4. Export 5.9 data to Excel 2002/2007 Use the attached document to export shop mgmt data to Excel spreadsheet file. NEW! We've added a version that covers this procedure when using Excel 2007. NOTE 1: If you're using a ShopKey product, the database options will differ from th... Read More
  5. Management System - Error Codes List   Printer Error Problem Troubleshooting Tip 504- Report Not Found You have selected a report that does not exist. The report file no longer exist, which means the Series software needs to be reinstalled. 513- Invalid Printer The printer d... Read More