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Prior Release Details


  • V 6.5.52
    • Improved Purchase Orders Screen
      • Loading hundreds or thousands of P.O.s now takes seconds compared to minutes
      • Can now select multiple P.O.s and delete as many as are selected
      • 'Delete' Button can be configured as a security area (password protected)
    • Vehicle Memo now saves to the current open order when checked
    • In Parts Entry dialog, turning off Display now hides Profit Margin field
    • F4 Invoice Search dialog now allows searching for large Invoice Numbers
    • Emailing from revision now changes subject, body and email attachment to reflect "Estimate" (no longer mentions Revised Order)
    • Purchase Order Worksheet & Parts Ordering dialog now show "Vendor Qty" instead of "Avail Qty" to clarify that this is the Qty the Vendor has
    • Follow Up Reports no longer include results from the next day when using Date Ranges
    • Counter Sale Invoice now displays Company Name
    • Fixed issue when transferring a revision to a new invoice with no line items. Now, depending on Setup option of convert Invoice to RO on change, you will either have an Invoice or Approved RO
    • RO w/Part Detail & Subtotals report now display Subtotal Details
  • V 6.5.51
    • Corrected Invoice reports to print line items in the same order as displayed in the order grid
    • When selling a revision to a blank order, a new RO is now created with a matching RO#
    • Better accuracy when calculating total tax values by starting with four digits of precision before rounding; Updated 'Posted Taxable Orders by Tax Category' report to show 4 digits of precision
    • Added New 'Material Used - By Vendor' Management Report
    • Parts with Shop Supply/Hazmat on order, when discounted, will calculate using their discounted price not the original part price
    • When printing a Revision with no Order, the labor totals reflect the standard or non-standard rates specified
  • V 6.5.49
    • Committed parts were not properly decrementing when being included in a Special Order
    • Previewing Manager printout (Estimates, ROs, Invoices and all reports) will now open in the foreground
    • Calculation of Shop Supplies and Hazmat fees on revision modified to base calculation on open revision
    • Xcharge payment receipt can now be printed on the Invoice
    • Repair button now launches ProDemand/ShopKey Pro without requiring a login. Additionally, if a VIN is present on the order, that will be sent to better identify the vehicle
    • Tab order on Customer and vehicle screen corrected
  • V 6.5.48
    • New "SocialCRM Reports" button with notifications star that alerts you when a new review is received
    • New "SocialCRM Reports" button with direct link to SocialCRM dashboard reporting
    • New "SocialCRM Details" button with notification star when reviewing a specific consumer's data during their visit
    • New "SocialCRM Details" button displays all communications sent via SocialCRM service for the specific consumer you're working with
  • V 6.5.47
    • Large database performance enhanced using additional database indexes
    • Purchase Orders were doubling quantity required
    • Purchase Order button on main tool bar now visible for all versions
    • Cosmetic changes made to Florida Invoice templates, Wisconsin templates and standard estimate templates
  • V 6.5.44
    • Manager no longer overrides the number of XCharge receipt copies to print
    • All disclaimers for Estimates, Repair Orders, Invoices, and Counter sales are now able to store and print 1200 characters
    • Added an Inventory Quick Search button to the main tool bar, this window remembers the last category searched
    • ATD catalog enhanced to include Tire Ply
    • Tire size will now transfer from tire promo screen to ATD catalog to speed searches
    • Purchase Order Edit Screen now includes tire size field
    • Picklist functionality now includes tire size
  • V 6.5.42
    • Scrolling to the bottom of a customer list in the New Order (F6) screen no longer crashes the application
    • Counter Sales may now be printed without vehicle information
    • RepairLink catalog from OEConnection now available for install from m1files.com
  • V 6.5.40
    • Add VIN Code to underlying query: Tech worksheet now displays VIN Engine code (Ex: `VIN (P)' ) Extra information will be in the engine string will be displayed as "6.6L, V8 [403CI] VIN [2]" rather than simply 6.6L, V8 [403CI]
    • Purchord.rpt update: Replace purchord.rpt file with version dated 5.13.14 - this report now sorts by part number then description. `The "Estimate#" field is suppressed when the estimate number is -0-.
    • Add YMM Engine Info and In Mileage to Intent Title bar: Add YMM Engine Info and In Mileage to dialogs used for Estimator, TSBs, Fluids, and Maintenance
    • Add fixed WIP Reports: WIP reports will print customer name if there is a company and customer name included in the record
    • ACDelco / Nexpart Catalog Direct: Included new ACDelco, Nexpart catalog that supports direct ordering from inside catalog. Orders placed from within the catalog will also automatically generate a purchase order
    • Order number on WorldPac orders: Ordering Parts using WorldPac will include RO #: 29298 rather than Repair Order #: 29298
    • Allroad problem and BMW models: Fixed database to display Audi "allroad" and missing BMW models
    • Make the ProDemand windows sizable: Intent window now opens full screen and is sizeable.
    • Committed Value: Inventory Committed value is now non-editable; this update also recalculates committed quantities for each committed part on open repair orders.
    • Interactive home screen: The product screen is now interactive and includes buttons to link to important news
    • LowInvtryPartNo.rpt: Added Location to LowInvtryPartNo report
    • Labor item should display <none> for tech when configured as <none>: Labor line created will by default show <none> for technician when one has not been assigned.
    • Revision with multiple POs: Fixed a defect causing the application to crash when a revision had multiple PO's for the same part number.
  • V 6.5.37
    • Email PO to vendor if email address exists: Purchase Order screen now has email button to mail PDF version of the PO to the vendor
    • Revision Authorization screen: Add "Received Text Msg" to Revision Authorization screen under Called / Phone drop downs
    • Duplex Printing Problem: Explicitly call out for default duplex mode when configuring printer
    • PO Button: Include a Purchase Order Button on the main toolbar
  • V 6.5.34
    • Follow-up letters: Follow-up letter now display 'Recommendation made on:' date
    • Highlighting explanation: Included "Row Color Definition" popup to order screen
    • Display total hours on order screen: Included `Total Hrs:' on order screen
    • Print Tech Worksheet from WIP Detail dialog: Button added inside the Work in Progress Detail dialog to print tech worksheet
    • Receipts: Updated receipt template to prints logo in same format as invoices
    • Vendor Email: Added email address field to Vendor setup screen
    • Update Chicago Estimate: A signature line now appears at the lower right hand corner of the estimate
    • Fix Vehicle Ownership: Vehicle ownership can now be changed to New Customer record
    • Ordered Part Line highlighted green when PO is closed/received: Part lines on an order that have been received (or closing the PO for those parts) will paint the background of that line green.
    • Option to view existing open Order for vehicle when attempting to start a new RO: When a user is starting a new Order and is being presented with a warning that an Order for the vehicle already exists, an option is provided to view the existing work order rather than only being presented with an option to simply start a new order. Included an option in Configuration/Default Settings to disable this.
    • Unconfirmed part on invoice displayed in red font: If an unconfirmed part is on an invoice, the line item will be painted red and not included in the invoice total
    • Show Gross Profit Margin for Parts: The `PART ITEM EDIT' dialog now includes a non-editable field showing GROSS PROFIT margin. Gross Margin value calculated as: ((Sale - Cost) / Sale) * 100 )
    • Yellow Grid Background: When the Customer selects the [yellow] background color from Conf/Spec Maint/Grid line colors that selection will apply to the Order Screen.
    • ACDelco / Nexpart Catalog Direct orders: Changes to the catalog architecture support ACDelco\Nexpart change to order direct from the catalog and create a Purchase Order
    • Payments showing twice if 2nd address contained in Marketing data: Customer with address in the customer screen and another address entered under the Market button will not show payments twice on "Cash Receipts by Payment Types" report
    • Update Mail Merge, Mail Merge file now included the following fields (See Reports/Follow-up/*MM):
      • "FirstName", "LastName", "SpouseName", "Title", "DOB", "EmailAddress", "Address", "City", "State", "ZipCode", "Company", "CustId", "VehicleId", "Year", "Make", "Model", "Engine", "License", "UnitNo", "LastInDate", "InspDate", "MilesPerDay", "BalanceDue", "CreditAmt", "AverageRO", "YTDTotal", "CreditHistory", "CategoryDescription", "MembershipNo", "Remarks", "LifetimeTotal", "FirstVisited", "LastVisited", "LifetimeVisits", "PhoneNum1", "PhoneDesc1", "PhoneNum2", "PhoneDesc2", "PhoneNum3", "PhoneDesc3", "PhoneNum4", "PhoneDesc4", "PhoneNum5", "PhoneDesc5", "PhoneNum6", "PhoneDesc6", "PhoneNum7", "PhoneDesc7", "PhoneNum8", "PhoneDesc8", "PhoneNum9", "PhoneDesc9", "PhoneNum10", "PhoneDesc10", "OdometerIn", "OdometerOut"
    • Order Screen PO Button: View PO Buttons added to order screen
    • Date of Revisions: All revisions now display the date and time created
    • File Menu Expansion: File menu displays last 10 viewed orders
    • Add column to display mileage\odometer on History Screen: The vehicle screen now includes the mileage of the vehicle at the time the invoice was posted.
    • Add "Unit #" to WIP Screen: Vehicle Unit # field has been added to the WIP screen
    • Part Item Edit Dialog should never default to User entered Sale Price: Creating an inventory record on the fly by checking the Inventory checkbox in Order Item Edit will not set the part to user entered sale.
    • Inherit description from Part Item Edit: Description entered into Part Item Edit is transferred to inventory search
    • List Price persistent problem: When saving a part to an order the list price does not persist
    • Technician worksheet needs vehicle info color: Added vehicle color to tech worksheet
    • Ref/Inv # lost when using copy-paste: Cutting\Copying and pasting part items now preserves the Inv/Ref# data.
    • IN # should map to prior entry if matching: System will not allow duplicate VIN numbers
    • Opening/Editing Recommendations: Single click now selects the recommendation for editing or deleting.
    • Batch Payments Invoices need to sort by date: Batch Payments Window now sorts Invoices by posted date
    • Cash receipts by payment type report: Added check number and ref data to report
  • V 6.5.22
    • Fix coupon utilization report dataset: The coupon dollar amount is now included on the Coupon Utilization Report
    • RowColor column in Order screen: RowColor column has been removed from the Order screen
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