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Due to upgrades in the most recent version of Mitchell 1 Manager SE and ManagerPlus SE, your service history records will no longer automatically be shared with CARFAX. This change will not have any impact on your workflow or user experience within the shop management software.

You can continue to participate in (or join) the CARFAX Service Network by working directly with CARFAX; contact them at 888-655-5362 option 2. If they don’t hear from you, CARFAX will call you soon to discuss your options. You can learn more about the CARFAX Service Network by visiting www.carfaxservicenetwork.com

We value your business and look forward to continuing to provide your industry-leading shop management tools.  If you have any questions about your Mitchell 1 software, please contact us at 888-724-6742 or customersupport@mitchell1.com.

Mitchell 1 Support Team


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