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Lube Sticker Pro: Change Shop Info Printed On Lube Sticker


Change the shop info printed on my lube sticker

1. Click the Pro Pack button

2. Click the Lube Sticker Pro button

3. Click the Settings tab

4. Click the Management tab

5. Click the Setup Printing button (Go to step 6 for Dymo printers, step 7 for static cling printers)

6. For Dymo Printers

6.1. Enter your Shop Name in the box labeled Line 1

6.2. Enter your Shop Phone in the box labeled Line 2

6.3. Optionally click the Use Image

6.3.1. Click the lookup button

6.3.2. In the Windows Explorer window that opens navigate to the folder that contains your shop logo

6.3.3. Select your shop logo

6.3.4. Click the Open button

6.4. Click the Save Button

6.5. Click the Save Button

7. For static cling printers

7.1. Enter your shop name in the box labeled Line 1

7.1.1. Longer shop names should split their name between Line 1 and Line 2

7.2. Enter your shop phone in the box labeled Line 3

7.3. Optionally rotate your label 180 degrees if it prints upside down

7.4. Click the Save button

7.5. Click the Save button

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Comment by Carls Auto Service on Mon, Mar 31st, 2014 at 7:20 PM
what is the best size for the logo on the lube stickers
Comment by Mitchell1 Support on Wed, Apr 16th, 2014 at 11:36 AM
It will depend on the printer used. For the Dymo printer, use .75" x .75"
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